Too Slow!

The noise from the crowd at the Amphitheatre was deafening. So much chaos here and there ass the once enthusiastic crowd that had been beating and having fun some minutes back were now in total disarray. 

They had not expected the sudden turn of events. Even though they had known that the contest was bound to be in this way, with all sorts of uncertainties but this had not been what they had been expecting. No, nt at the very least. 

At most, they had expected some of the regulars. The host of the wolf would step up into the Bisellium and try to stop the Ape from turning the whole of the battle around. Indeed, that was what it had looked like however but then again, the blue pale lady was not the host that they had been expecting. 

It was, by logic, impossible to have a host who was dead. And from how

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