World Control with Commerce

“Big?” Vee chuckled after looking surprised for a brief moment. “How long have you been here, in Orun? You should know that things are not impossible. He… he… You should know that the slightest fantasy you could ever have is reality to us here, Earth Born.” 

“Uh… '' Bayo frowned, backing off. “Why are you calling me Earth born? How… I mean, why?” 

“Oh!” Vee’s eyes widened in surprise before softening, her lips parting to reveal a small grin. “Ah, did I? You must have misheard, you know.” She said and then turned around, replacing the gauntlet. 

“By the way, once you choose to wear it, the gauntlet would resize itself to contain the width and bulk of just any hand. You just have to be worthy of it.

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