Zone II

Bayo smirked now, seeing as Remas crashed down.

Whoever said he needed to fight face to face with them? 

Quickly, he checked his soul status, watching as a whooping 500points of energy had vanished for that singular move. He was down to 4300 points. 

But it didn't matter. He did not know how long Zone lasted but already, he was feeling a contraction force within him as if his muscles were being squeezed dry.

He felt the urge to relax his body and rest but he did not dare. Not when he had some solid points of over 4000 worth of Agbara to spend. If he was going to let the effect of using Zone show now, then he would have failed in his job. After all, Krata was already leaving. And there was no telling how many times more he would need to put Remas down.  

“Hold Firm!” Bayo mouthed out. 

He was the first of the Ascenders and here and now, he would have to prove that he was worth it. Even though he did not seek to


Who else thought Bayo's shifting into the Eagle form was stupid? Well, I thought so too. Lol. He could have used the Fieri demon if he needed speed. Anyways , prolly cos he hasn't grown the bloodline yett. Uoofs!

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