Hitch A Ride

We have received news of the First Born being in the Freezone of Tuxela. As much as it brings gladness to the heart that the firstborn has gotten that strong enough to be in a place of lawlessness, it also does bring cause for alarm in the sense that we all know the extent of the capabilities of the First Born. He is like a little one who is being weaned at the current stage. There is so much that he has to learn, of which, only us can lead him to what is right. To let him roam freely in the Free Zone of Tuxela is something which we do not approve of, entirely. 

This message is directed to you, the Hand of the New Light, we understand how much you have put into reference the perspectives, the First Born has lived his life in. Still yet, we must all come to the realization that the life of the FirstBorn is not entirely in his own hands. There are factors which he cannot be left to, alone, factors whic


Woooohoooo. Perfect time to get her away from them. i love this.

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