162. Hana’s Surprise discourse

Dismissed from the company of Ronke; Bayo and the two hadjans had already made it all the way back home. 


It was a strong concept in the mindset of Bayo. His home was Earth, that much was a given. His mother was everything to him.

But that was in the past life he lived. Regrets would not cut for him anything now. 

No, not by a long shot.

His only bet right about now was to make sure that he could get to be at peace where he was. He was sure that his mum, based on how she was, would be relieved and happy once again. The very best thing he could do was to also, in faith, believe and live that life also. 

Now, when it came to the concept of home, this ream where Romke would play a vital role in their survivability; this was his home. His place to be.

That is, if everything worked out fine. 

Over time, Trixius had the unparalleled ability to rough things up for him. And a great error for him would be I ignore the unpredictability o

I think Hana isn’t taking the Helms of leadership very fine. To me, this feels like I’m preparing the team to get used to not having Ronke. Spoilers, lol, ROnke can’t Ben always around or what’s the fun? They need to learn to think for themselves now.

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