164. The Wave Agitations

“What are you driving at?” Shin asked, frowning in response. “We are a lot more stronger than we were at that time. I don't think even Ralia could hold up anything to us. At this time.” He said. 

Haan smiled. 

“She never held up a candle to us. The only reason why she gave us a tough time was because fo the chaos at the Amphitheatre. We had already used our energy up back then so when it came down to her being in the show, it was a type of walkover for her. I promise that if we do  get to meet her I would be the one who puts her down.” Hana added, her words brimming with conviction as her hands were clenched even tighter now. 

Bayo and SHin shivered at the statement which she made now, AT the time when they ahd to fight Ralia the 13 th Ascender, Hana was already out of commission. 


Yes, right. This chapter gives the chills. Hana is not just some weakling by the way side, you know Its time we know her strength. But i feel like Ashabi is a plus to her and she should nto shy form using it. I usually did not give her spotlight because she has a much developed character frame compared to the others. So this chapter sits well with me.

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