166. The Ascender of Grace

“Dnt let him get to you.” The Kpelekpe said as he rubbed his face and then exhaled out to the Sun Down Airs.

“You Are the Ascender to Grace. Everything about you is Graceful. Let's get on with what we  have to do in this place and beat the road as soon as possible.” The Kpelekpe said as he heaved out.

He was the Fifth Born and so far, he knew what it meant to be the Ascender of Grace. It meant that his Presence paved the way for him more than often. He did not have to sweta over things like others  would have to. Things just happened to work out for him. And for him, he was more than grateful.

The only thing which was bothering him about the recent times was the event of the Wave which would be coming. Inasmuch as he would have loved things to be, he was not yet at the peak of the power that he would ha


Time to introduce other siblings of Bayo. It is time for a good reunion, right> ? Lol

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