Awakening of the Inferno

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Awakening of the Inferno

By: PieTitan CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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5, 600 years ago, there emerged a man and a woman who transcended all beings and had otherworldly powers. And in their wake, they battled for supremacy. They destroyed entire mountains and split continents apart and shaped entire landscapes. The victor was a man, the representative of the light. He would later be known as the founder of the world’s dominant populace. He was loved by his subjects and feared by all and he bestowed this power upon his inferior subjects. Their physical capabilities were boosted, wounds would heal faster, senses were heightened and they could manipulate reserves inside themselves to be able to use their own powers. But, one was darkness incarnate and in her jealousy towards the Light, grew into hatred, so she created her own descendents to continue her will they were later called the monsters.

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Chapter 1 - Unchanging
The eerie perception over my very flesh, prompted motion of the scorching flames dyed of a myriad of shades that wrapped about my form as armor, and the semblance of a view of the Earth appeared beneath my very feet as I trailed off.Crimson light sat upon my eyes, smoldering with a fixed glare that pierced through the blackened void stretching infinitely, and the lambency of innumerable jewels adorned my gaze. By a piercing sensation derived from my chest gesturing for immediate attention, my back was enshrouded of the army of beings veiled by raging flames, incalculable and innumerable in their elite forces. And as I gazed upon the openness of my palms, those unseen memories trickled off…***Recalling a maidenly voice, Inoyva found a small backpack, small as his self be riddled with various items. Preferably light snacks. With the body of a 10-year-old, he witnessed the bus’ doors open when detecting a corresponding command from the driver.“Have a lovely day!” As the world would
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Chapter 2 - Unchanging 2
By those spilling voices drawn from behind, Inoyva detected a sudden movement of pig. Strangely enough, through a malfunction perhaps caused by the slight tremor, the doors opened a wide gap. “And where are you going?”Also, detecting unusual movement from the one pupil, the driver of the bus asked. Clear as day was his tone deeper in order to halt him from going away further.Inoyva followed in pursuit. He was in an estranged position towards the only person he could possibly hope of conversing with. “Pig…” However as his unyielding gaze and voice reached, he took notice of the drastic expression displaying nervousness. Beads of sweat raced crazily down. This was a probably a panic attack, Inoyva thought to his self. Still, what kind of advice would be able to impart? “Pig…” SMASH! SPLAT!It was in that moment, before the echo of Inoyva’s voice reached a slightly unnerved peer, there was a sickening sound of “something” smashing “something.” “Hahh…”Having obliterated the so-cal
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Chapter 3 - Unchanging 3
The darkness of night enshrouded all things in sight and a silent cry disappeared with a whimper.A freedom formerly held was rather stagnant. With blood dripping from his head thus drenching his hair, a young boy caught sight of a defying event while contemplating his fate. His gaze turned cold and unmoving. The subject of his gaze, that being the horrid monster standing with its head held up high. In its monstrous hand, it clenched tightly to the blood ridden body of a woman. Thereafter, it took out its thick tongue, a gaping hole opened from the mouth and it enveloped the woman’s body. The boy caught entrapped, saw to it that the woman passed through and was entirely enveloped by it, she was devoured. When lowering its jaw, something snapped. Blatant as it were, the deceased woman was decapitated even while void of life. And her head rolled over the barren land, devastated. “…” Panting with a rather calmed tone, the wounded boy made looked towards anywhere, but there. He slowl
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Chapter 4 - Unchanging 4
Scorched and decapitated, the soldiers’ existence was steadily being erased but not be surprised, that was their duty. The prolific “soldiers” of a horde were “born” as the lowest in the hierarchy. Being the lowest meant that they also were the weakest of the bunch. Still, Isui never wavered as the rate of movement decreased, finally laying waste to all of them. *** Blood ran down that ground as a gaze caught fragmenting bodies. Not a single emotion of remorse was left, leaving an impression to the Knight. Those nerves of steels never allowed for a weakened state of vulnerability towards the sight of a massacre. However the main objective still remained, “find and dispose of the horde’s head, the boss.” Isui promptly swung both swords, cutting through air to remove pungent blood off the blades. The blades’ durability would not be ruined by filth. ’Thirty one. Weren’t there thirty two of them?’ In that moment, slight movement was noticed when Isui made eye contact with another Aby
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Chapter 5 - Unchanging 5
Airoterp. Risse residence. Slumbering in sheets dyed red, his bony arm draped out reaching to the floor with long fingers. Traces of a red dust wordlessly slid off atop his back. The sun already reaching a point at the sky which induced the environment to be illuminated without fail caused an irritable occurrence. Towards active levels of luminescence and steadily rising waves of heat, the countless residents of the city would begin at a hustle and bustle. However, he on the bed found such movement a bother, even if not said verbally. A steady light protruded a glass window next to the bed. Evidently, his passionate rest was set to be eroded from the beginning. Towards bedside, an alarm clock strike at 6:50 A.M. At immediate notice, the alarm clock mercilessly rang as he became aware of an interrupting vibration echoing from the background. Drawing aggression from the very start, he assimilated a sphere of flames which gathered light. Whilst on the bed, he became furious at e
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Chapter 6 - Unchanging 6
Cai’s attention was furtively caught by a large building confidently displayed towards all from the giant gates of Irisdescent. The gates were no exception, with the sheer size of a staggering height and thickness. Inoyva, heavily breathing sought to rid off excess “weight” on his back, expressing this by passing glances at Cai. Quite evident, Cai was carried upon his back for majority of the way there. The gates to the elite academy were already opened for the commencement of the ceremony. Entering onto the sacred ground, they located a massive crowd from varying individuals, who were rather young as them. They gulped as all those other individuals probably came with the same notion. The next generation of candidates aiming for “Knighthood” made their way into an assembly hall stretching out to unknown lengths. Hesitation had no place there, heading in headfirst. *** With flamboyant regard to the red shade of uniform on us, it appeared as if we were high school students. That
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Chapter 7 - Seclusion
The following sensation was clear as day, hitting like a bombardment of heavy things; his fist on my stomach made an impact that left the others around holding their breaths and contemplating my fate. ‘Shit, this much pain is a little…’ Inoyva’s pathetic form reflected off the headmaster’s eyes, he asked the same question from before, “Name and birthplace?” He was not remorseful after inflicting such a powerful blow to someone half his age. Well, I did show misconduct at him when laughing, so it was a given. ‘Damn… I thought I want going to die.’ Inoyva could at least reassure himself that he would not leave the mortal realm of living. Even still, it was not like he had escaped the dire situation he found himself in. “If you can’t find the words to my answer, then, tighten up your stomach for another knock or two?” Clearly from that monstrous voice, he would catch yet another one of those deadly blows. Perhaps this time Inoyva would finally die. Cai looked at Inoyva with his head
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Chapter 8 - Seclusion -2-
‘Though it doesn’t to have the name on the front cover, the technique it reveals is of a bodily reformation. It essentially uses Ethereal energy to work a manner to permanently strengthen one’s body.’ Well, using Ethereal energy to be more stronger is not something that is actually uncommon. And this type of teaching in not limited to a handful of people in the first place. ‘The difference is, with ordinary strengthening, you boost the explosive action of your body, may it be a single punch and thrust of the leg. For people with a higher proficiency, they can even strengthen internal organs. On the other hand, the body reformation technique uses Ethereal energy as nutrients rather than a quick fuel and implementing a sort of change. It is for those reasons why it is so fascinating. A mere person with this book’s teachings can develop the body of a season body-builder.’ However if it’s so incomparably positive, then most people would use it. Ultimately, the core concept of innate pow
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Chapter 9 - Motives
“You know, though you call yourself a capable person, you got knocked out from the headmaster’s single punch.” Inoyva, less unresponsive in already knowing what his reality was, became the recipient of Cai’s constant ranting. In part, she was a close friend that obviously carried a certain degree of concern. He laid witness to peeling the skin off the red apple, within arm’s reach. “I know already.” Shrugging it off as a sense of responsibility he already knew off, but was at a stage of lessening the burden of her seething anger, Inoyva’s voice rang with a happy tone. “If only you didn’t laugh, that would have been a big help. What exactly was that made it so funny?” Inoyva could feel the stinging sensation of being pricked by the edge of the knife. She made an outward expression of seemingly elongated eyes that peered deep within his soul. After some thought, he was quite sure of that she would be in a less joyous mood than before, ‘I saw this coming a mile away.’ The good aspe
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Chapter 10 - Motives -2-
I was eternally grateful that she exhibited such profound intentions towards the headmaster. ‘Yes! Crush with all that you have!’ Inoyva released a disdainful smile towards Cai who remained under the palm of his hand. Inoya felt his hands embedded at her soft hair. She found herself seemingly silent at that sort of embrace. Copping her head, Inoyva turned suit, towards the other two maidens with the infirmary. ‘Let’s see…’ Inoyva’s eyes would narrow down, scanning the eager cousin. Despite the fact that she had a short stature, I can vaguely feel it. She has the same composite body as Cai, well not as gifted but is incomparably stronger to most women of her age. Perhaps after some time, she could be evaluated to be a Warrior-class Knight, give or take. ‘That’s actually perfect for me, since one other main aspect I chose to remain here.’ The collective arrangement of security within the elite academy is by far ahead of its time. For those reasons, since the dorms have both genders
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