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By: Kuraii OngoingFantasy

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In a world much like ours, there exists a planet no different from Earth. Through the ravages of time earth has come to stand alone as the dominant planet in their own little system. Not knowing much about the universe they find themselves in, when unexpected visitors known as Dooms arrive from beyond the Nether bringing with them apocalyptic like events that threaten the very fabric of existence of the entire planet, nobody is there to save them. Fortunately, with the influence of the Dooms arrival, the humans of Earth develop new ways to cope with their ever desperate situation. Heroes rise up to face the rising threat of the Dooms and among them, two boys who grew up as best friends, through an unfortunate tragedy inherited amazing powers from otherworldly beings. They would go on to become unlikely saviors of a once flourishing civilization on the verge of destruction. Follow the story of the Constantine Cleveland, the cheerful and hardworking youth of ordinary origins and Baron Maspeth, the entitled and eccentric rich boy as they become enemies and later, brothers, in their bid to save their world from certain doom.

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Two Friends Struck By Lightning
It was a dark and stormy night and lightning flashed overhead in the night sky, sending loud peals of thunder rumbling across the firmament. Heavy rain fell incessantly, and powerful gales gusted throughout the desolate wilderness. The weather was extremely terrible... In such a horrific storm, two shadows flitted through the night, with one running ahead and another chasing from behind. The powerful wind blew against the shadow's bodies, causing their journey to be difficult and strained, and the heavy rain hit like rocks on a pavement that pelted the two shadows. There was a flash of lightning, and the dark night brightened for a brief moment. At this moment, the figures of the two shadows came into full view and their faces could be seen clearly. As it turns out, the two shadows belonged to two young teenage boys no older than sixteen. They were very handsome looking, but against the beating of the rain, their faces were scrunched up in tight frowns, giving them an ugly mask of
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Living The Life Of Another In A Dream
Constantine felt like he had been dreaming for a very long time. He clearly remembered the night in the storm when he and his friend had been struck by lightning through a stroke of bad luck. But after that, the only thing he could remember was living the life of another person. This life he lived where he was someone else seemed like a really long dream to Constantine, one that was extremely real, like he had truly become that person. But Constantine was still able to differentiate both lives from each other. He knew the life where he was Constantine Cleveland, a normal teenager on backwater Earth. And he knew the new life where he became Ruger Whitebrook, a powerful evolver in the fantastical world of Ascended Firmament Star. In the dream where Constantine became Ruger, he followed the life of this powerful Evolver from the moment when he was born and discovered to have an extraordinary talent in the path of evolution to the moment of his death. Who was an Evolver? An Evolver wa
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A Year In A Dream
When Constantine saw the end of Ruger's life, he was incredibly shocked... He could not believe that in the end, what he had actually been seeing all this while in his dream was the life of an actual person, and it was this person who was responsible for him being struck by lightning. Actually, it was more accurate to say that Constantine and baron had been struck by the souls of the two evolvers. it was only because of the nature of their power that their souls had appeared in the form of lightning. At the end of the day, there was nothing Constantine could do about it. Now that he knew that what he was seeing was really the life of another powerful being who really existed and not the wild musings of an overactive imagination that was created by his feelings of being trapped and wanting to break free from his fate... once Constantine realized that everything was real, he started to worry. In the end, because he was experiencing Ruger's life as if it was his own, Constantine under
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A New World Order
The bright light of the sun filtered through the blinds of the window and entered a small hospital ward. The soft hum of the machine resounded throughout the room, leaving a faint echo in the surroundings and a cool breeze entered the room through an open window. On the only bed inside this ward, the body of a young man lay peacefully in this undisturbed environment. The time was just past noon and the sun was at its highest during this time of day. But overhead, there was an ominous dark cloud hanging in the noon sky, casting a shade of darkness on the city below it. The air was suppressive and the once-bustling city of Boston was silent, like a ghost town without a single life in it. Apart from the sound of the wind blowing through the city and the occasional ruckus caused by stray animals in the dark alleys, there was no other sound to be heard throughout the entire city. Fortunately, there were still signs of human occupation all over the city. There was still a constant supply
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Waking Up To Doomsday
The nurse entered Constantine's room and pushed the trolley towards his bed. Looking at the prone figure lying silently on the bed, the nurse made her way to his side and looked down at him from above. The nurse was admiring Constantine's handsome visage with misty eyes and there was an imperceptible glint of appreciation and pity in her eyes. Looking at Constantine, who had a peaceful expression on his face as he lay quietly on the hospital bed, the nurse sighed at his misfortune. Sigh! "How tragic that this had to happen to you... you're so young, so handsome, you should be full of life and out there chasing your dreams and being the dreams of other girls. Instead, you're here alone with nothing but the cold hospital walls to keep you company." "It is really such a pity." The nurse looked at Constantine with pity for a moment before she got to work and started cleaning him up. Getting her tools from the trolley, the nurse started undressing Constantine with well-practiced hand
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Waking Up To Doomsday 2
As soon as the nurse left Constantine's room, a shadow slipped in through the open window. This shadow was in the form of a long and slender snake-like creature. Its skin was dark red and rusty like dried blood and it had a sinister face, along with comical features. I say comical because although this creature resembled a snake of some sort; it was quite bloated and swollen like a balloon, making it look like one of those balloon creatures children liked a lot. The creature floated in the air away from the ground, but it was unknown if it was because of some innate ability it had, or perhaps because it was so bloated. These were the general characteristics of the dooms that had invaded earth from another world. Dooms were a bunch of extraterrestrial creatures with dark red and rusty skin the color of dried blood overly bloated bodies and sinister faces. Apart from these three characteristics that all Dooms shared, there were no other unified similarities between different dooms, an
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Waking Up To Doomsday 3
As soon as the Asian girl walked into Constantine's room, she immediately frowned... For some reason, as soon as she entered, the girl felt that something was wrong. A bad feeling was creeping through her heart, and it was as if some evil presence was looking at her through the shadows. Warning bells rang continuously in the girl's head and she quickly looked around to locate where the danger was. Immediately, the girl's sharp gaze swept through the room and he immediately caught sight of the open window... Making a beeline to the window without any thought to her safety, the girl quickly looked outside, hoping to catch anything suspicious afoot. But what greeted the girl's eyes were the empty streets of the city that were as quiet as a graveyard. There was nothing outside the window that caused the girl to be greatly surprised. After taking a few more looks outside the window, the girl finally retreated inside the room. She firmly locked the windows shut tightly to make sure tha
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Discovering The Changes Of The World
In a penthouse suite in one of the tallest buildings that overlooked the Boston skyline... Standing by the full-length window in one of the rooms that offered a full view of the city of Boston, Constantine looked down and the sleeping city that was completely unrecognizable to him. Constantine was shirtless, and he wore only slim shorts on his body. The room was dark and the air conditioner was turned on and blowing at full intensity, making the room very cold. But despite how cold it was in the room, Constantine, who was shirtless, did not feel the cold at all. Instead, he felt like his body was on fire. There was a steady flow of electricity running along Constantine's veins, providing him with constant heat and keeping his vitals active. It had been three days since Constantine had woken up in the hospital following the attack of the doom. In these three days, Constantine had gone through a number of tests to make sure he was okay. Through the tests, Constantine was found to be
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Constantine And Ruger Whitebrook
Hearing the voice that sounded in his mind, Constantine was not surprised by it at all. This was not the first time he had heard this voice in his mind. In fact, if it weren't for this voice, Constantine would not have been able to wake up at all and he would still be sleeping peacefully. When Arran had first regained consciousness, it was because the owner of this voice had spoken to him at that moment when the doom had attacked him. Before Constantine had woken up, his consciousness was hazy, and it had been floating in a space filled with clouds. Those clouds flowed freely in the air, forming many bizarre shapes that looked were actually pieces of Constantine's and Ruger's memories. At that time, the voice had spoken to Constantine saying, "Hey kid, you've been sleeping for so long already, don't you think it's about time you woke up? If you don't, you will die, you know!" The voice had not been loud, but the words he had spoken had impacted Constantine's hazy consciousness, sen
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Weak And Strong
"Heh!" Ruger Whitebrook scoffed when Constantine asked that question. Ruger looked at Constantine like he was looking at an idiot. In fact, he actually insulted Constantine straight to his face as he replied to him. "Idiot!" "What do you think this looks like?" "Obviously, when I was trying to destroy your soul in order to possess your body, something went wrong and I was the one who ended up with his soul almost destroyed and fused to yours. As for why this happened, don't ask me because I don't know. If I did, I would have definitely prevented it from happening and I wouldn't be in this mess." "Also, before you ask, I don't know how to resolve this issue. Like before, if I have a solution, I would have already resolved this issue, so I wouldn't have to put up with an ignorant mortal like you." Ruger's words were harsh and direct. He didn't feel guilty at all as he insulted Constantine and he even mentioned how he wanted to possess Constantine's body with a straight face. It wa
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