Back to Be Mr. Green

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Back to Be Mr. Green

By: missauthorC CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Dead bodies come out every day from the mansion. To pay for his wife’s debt, Xavier Green worked as Fugito family’s driver. He thought that he found a decent job with insanely high pay. However, Xavier was petrified to know that he wouldn't drive for the living, but instead, he had to transport dead bodies. And yet for the sake of money, Xavier endured risking his life in this dangerous job. The handsome driver has caught the boss’s wife. He was offered a huge sum of money in exchange for being the Madam’s secret lover. When Xavier refused her, she felt so degraded. She lied to her husband, saying that the worthless driver dared to seduce her. Therefore, the furious Mr. Fugito commanded everyone to kill Xavier and abduct his family. Xavier hauled back to the mansion, and he was forced to intake a failed sample of a drug which was made in Mansion’s secret laboratory. Xavier knew it was the end, and before he lost consciousness, he blamed himself for failing to protect his family. Xavier stopped breathing. ‘He’s dead’, that’s what everyone thought. However, while they were transporting his body, Xavier suddenly woke up, killed Mr. Fugito’s men and escaped! After escaping, Xavier was reeled to find out that his appearance and physique changed after drinking the drug. Tanned skin, sharp eyes, and great build, he resembles the missing Mafia boss of the Harbor Black Mafia. And so, when the Mafioso found him, they thought that their leader finally came back. Pretending to be the Mafioso boss, Xavier vowed to take his revenge and find his family. ‘No one should know that there is Xavier Green in the face of Haiden Black’ – that is the new boss’s motto.


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129 chapters
1.1 Driver of the Dead
“$2million.” Xavier peered at seven digits on the bank cheque. He realized that the boss’s wife was serious when she said that she was willing to pay him $2 million in exchange for his body. “All you need is to give me your heart, Xavier. Then the $2 million will be all yours.”Xavier stood silent as he clenched his fists. They said when temptation comes, you should close your eyes and run away from it. Because those who fall from temptation and snare will plunge men into destruction and ruin. But oddly, Xavier couldn’t take his eyes off the money. The will is eager, but the flesh is weak. “I heard that you decided to work here because you have debts to pay,” the boss’s wife continued. At that moment, the head of the man standing in front of her turned. His blue eyes locked onto her. She wore her red hair down, and as she gracefully moved with her night gown, he saw glimpses of her neckline, white neck, and collarbone. The boss’s wife, Lewelyn, raised her head and seductively s
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1.2 Driver of the Dead II
Driving on the empty highway, Xavier glanced at the front mirror and looked at the cadaver bag which contains the corpse. This is the 120th corpse that he will deliver ever since he worked in Fugito mansion. It's been a year, but the fear is always there. To be alone inside the car with a corpse requires courage. Clutching his hand around the wheels, Xavier took a deep breath. “You are the 120th corpse that I will transport. What is your name? Do you have a family? What was your job?” Xavier asked even if he knows that the dead won't answer him. This is his way to get rid of his fear. At the same time, mourned for the victim of another cruelty. Xavier was always curious why there are so many people dying in that place. But for the sake of money, he never asked anything. He abandoned his moral to be an accomplice of a crime. Heaving a sigh, Xavier glanced at the black cadaver bag on the back seat through the front mirror. As soon as he looked at the bag, he saw it moving.
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2.1 Dying
[“ THE MADAM TOLD HIM THAT YOU TRIED TO RAPE HER! SIR CESAR WAS SO MAD HE ASKED HIS MEN TO ABDUCT YOUR FAMILY RIGHT NOW!”]Problem after problem. Xavier hadn’t solved how he would deal with the survivor in the back seat of the car, and now, another trouble aroused.“The madam s-said that I tried to r-rape her?” It’s laughable. Horribly laughable. It’s freaking funny how that woman can ruin his life through a simple lie. Was it because she felt ashamed? Her pride was crushed? She wanted to get her revenge? None of these is reasonable to put someone in danger! As the seconds passed by, Xavier was sinking little by little into reality. The madam’s lie would get him and his family killed. He shook his head and began to murmur his desperate pleas. “No. Not my wife. Not my son,” he murmured with a voice that was like a turbulent ocean. He looked down on the dim car and searched for the phone he had dropped before. Just for that moment, Xavier forgot about the cadaver bag on the back
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2.2 Dying
“This is not true,” Xavier defended while shaking his head. “I never covet your woman, Sir!” “Lies!” Lewelyn screamed while crying hysterically. “Y-You forced yourself inside my room and confessed that you liked me. When I rejected you, you threatened me and tried to hold me!” “No!” Xavier declined. “I never d…” Xavier stopped when Cesar pinned the gun muzzle onto his forehead. Click. There was a clicking sound as Cesar put the gun’s hammer down. After that, every sound was muted. Xavier could only hear the loud beating of his heart. “Are you saying that my wife who was crying so hard is lying to me?!” Cesar shouted. “I… won’t dare lie to y…”“SHUT THE **** UP!Xavier’s shoulders tensed. From the beginning, he was never given the chance to explain himself, and everything was decided. Whatever the truth is, Xavier will be punished by Cesar. No one would listen to a lowly and powerless driver. “You touched something which isn’t yours, young man,” Cesar said while grinding his t
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3. On the Way to McKenly Street
In the empty street of McKenly, a van quietly made its way. McKenly is a ghost town, and it’s been years since people left the place. Many feared visiting, especially at night because of the rumors that ghosts have appeared recently in this area. However, for criminals, this is the perfect pathway to use for transferring dead bodies. “This place is scary,” John, who was sitting in the passenger seat, complained. “It seems that any time, a ghost will appear. They said this town was cursed. If you bring a corpse here, then the corpse will haunt you forever.” The driver, Bradport, laughed so hard while driving. “Are you telling me that Xavier will stand up and eat us? Stop being a wimp. That won’t ever happen.” Taking a deep breath, John looked behind the van and stared at the corpse inside the cadaver bag. Clutching the seat belt, John stared at the road again. Certainly, the curse of the town is just a rumor. But tonight something will happen that can make everyone believe it mi
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4. Harbor Black
Xavier woke up on a soft sheet as a streak of sunlight trickled in through the window. Slowly and reluctantly, he opened his eyes. He blinked several times to clear the hazy vision as he scrutinized his surroundings in confusion. And then, he found himself in an unfamiliar place. He was in a room that was the size of his apartment, and on a bed that was as big as a studio, with extremely expensive-looking furniture all around. ‘What happened? Where am I?’ Last night, he woke up in a van. He killed the men who were supposed to deliver his body in the 53rd warehouse. Then, he drove the van in order to escape and find his wife and son. ‘But after that, what happened?’ He closed his eyes and tried to recall last night’s event. When he was driving the van, he felt a throbbing pain that he thought his head would crack open. Xavier held his head with one hand, while the other held the steering wheel tightly. Dizzy, the surroundings turned blurry. He thought it would be better to stop
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5. Criminals
Criminals. To be a criminal, one had to go against the rules. The first time will make you regret it. The second will make you think twice. The third time might be thrilling. But at 4th, 5th, 6th… you will stop counting anymore. Xavier went against a rule. But he stuck at first, which is the level of regrets. Because not all criminals were born as one. Sometimes, it happened because you had no choice. To eat. To live. To survive. Those are the essentials of life. Therefore, when Xavier was looking at the members of the Mafia, who bowed their heads in front of him, he doubted if he was still in phase one of being a criminal. Driving for the corpse is his first. Killing goes for the second. But deceiving the mafia members might be for infinite numbers. One thing is for sure, Xavier did not feel the thrill of being in this crazy situation. ‘I am the Mafia boss?’ The boss of the criminals?’ Xavier asked himself. He wanted to shake his head and deny that this was his realit
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6.1 Dangerous UnderBoss
The sun set to the west. Xavier stayed in the room all day while thinking of a way to get out of here. When he stood up and looked outside the window, he was surprised that there were no men guarding the gate anymore! Even if it was weird that everyone suddenly disappeared when nightfall came, Xavier could not let this chance pass by. It’s now or never. Carefully, he tiptoed towards the door and gently twisted the doorknob. The wooden door creaked as he pushed it open. He peeked outside and saw the empty hallway. ‘Maybe, the Mafia boss wanted to be alone at night,’ he guessed. As quiet as a mouse, Xavier exited the room and closed the door. He used the same path he took before and arrived at the balcony. It’s empty either. The deafening silence echoed in the surroundings like a scary melody. There was only one light to brighten the huge hall, which made the place eerie. Xavier gulped dry saliva and suppressed the fear. He took a deep breath before he walked down the stairway.
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Chapter 6.2 The Deal
When Xavier opened his eyes, he found himself in a dim place. His feet and hands were tied on the wood chair. No matter how much he tried to get out, it was futile. Breathing heavily, he looked North. He saw a man approaching on his side. Step. Step. Finally, under the lighting, he saw the man with droopy eyes which were darkly shaded. It was Gian, the underboss of the Harbor Black Mafia. Gian was holding a piece of paper as he stood in front of Xavier. “Xavier Green,” Gian read the contents in the paper. “Graduated of business management in Harvard University. Married and a father of a 9-year-old boy. You have million dollars debt from the loan shark and to pay for that, you are working as a driver.” With Cheshire grin, Gian stared at Xavier. “So far, this is the information I got regarding you.” He showed the paper in his hand which contained Xavier’s photo. “Your picture and your face right now are very different.” “I already told you that before!” Xavier shouted. “That m
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7.1 His Return
Mario Scoffer used an abandoned factory located in the middle of the woods as his hiding place for his illegal business.The place was littered with broken glass and empty beer bottles and there was smoke everywhere from the men staying inside.In the corner, Mario was sitting on an empty container while counting the money he collected from the borrowers who paid their debts for today.“Seventy-six, seventy-seven, seventy-eight. That’s it?” Mario looked at his men after counting the money above the old-looking wooden table.The men flinched in fear at Mario’s stare.“This is less than last week. What happened?”No one answered.Mario slammed the desk hard.Bam!That was when one answered the question.“It is because one of the borrowers did not pay this week,” he reported.“Who? Who the hell skipped paying?!” Mario demanded.Afraid to utter the name, the man clutched his hands together. “X-Xavi…”He couldn’t finish his words because Mario threw a bottle of beer on his head.“Ahhh!” th
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