Beautiful mystery

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Beautiful mystery

By: Ukinebo Glory OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Have you ever felt so drawn to a person. You feel like you've known them your entire when you've only just met them; that's exactly what Noah felt when he saw her Who? Oceana - the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He could have sworn she was the most beautiful girl on earth; but that's not the thing - she's a complete weirdo - strange...and unique. Millions of people on earth; countless countries; diverse universe Her name still lingers on. She's beautiful; not only beautiful but strange. She lives with her stepmom and stepsister, who have had her locked up all her life- because of the supernatural powers she possessed - they plan to use it to their favour. Noah after setting eyes on her for the first time, wouldn't stop thinking about her There's something about her -that he's sure of, but...he couldn't just figure out what it is. How did she get her powers? Why has she been locked up all her life by her family? Why's she the way she is - weird and strange?

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Trouble in paradise
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 2Noah's Pov;I took my car keys when I was done eating and walked to the garage after closing the door behind meit took me sometime before I got to school.i drove into the school and parked at the students parking lotI got down from the car after taking my bagit was time for another eye blasting moment. the students around paused as they saw me- while some giggled and chuckled as I walked pass themthere were some that whispered to themselves and there were some that said it out loudthe girls in particular couldn't help but stare at meA little intro;I'm Noah Bryson - the most popular and cutest guy in school.I'm an art god and a music lover - the youngest richest artist in England; my mom died few years back and I relocated to England to live with my dadI actually have an art gallery in the country and also a collection of all my best art works in a room in our house- my favorite room in th
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Meeting the master
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 3Noah's Pov;I ran to the parking lot and got into the car immediately, reversed, then drove home.I wasnt thinking straight but I did my best to drive on a normal speed and avoid getting into an accidentI didn't even know why I had left school. I didn't even know why i was going homeoh! Lord.I got home about an hour later of careless driving. I drove straight to the garage and parked before rushing out of the car like someone that was possessedthe gatekeeper and other workers I saw on my way stared at me - they all looking perturbed as they used to their eyes to ask themselves the question ' what's wrong with young master'I didn't bother to reply to any of their greetings. I rushed in and hurriedly climbed up the stairs heading to my roomI got to my room and started pacing; after dropping my school bagI was restless as hell and couldn't think straightthink, think, think, think Noah!gosh!
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πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 4Noah's Pov;it's been over three days now since my encounter with Master khaid, and I was still yet to come up with somethingdad has become so suspicious of my behaviour - I knew this through his constant questions, glances and checking up on me in my roomeven when he doesn't come home on time; he still would find time to come before going to his room to freshen upI think the work In the company is much because he always come back late and leaves early, and most of the time he's on phone callsI didn't want to bother him with mine. I thought of ways to handle the situation.I thought of what to do. the past three days has been hell for me - I always watch my backthere was no one I could talk to. no one I could trust"hey handsome" a voice said behind me and I turned to see....what's her name again?yeah! bianca. she was standing behind me smiling seductively at meI shot her a stare and turne
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Bigger problems
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 5Noah's Pov;I picked it up and discovered it was a newspaperI flipped open the first page to see the shock of my lifeYOUNGEST SELF MADE RICHEST ARTIST AND SUPERSTAR - NOAH BRYSON HAS BEEN RUMOURED TO BELONGING TO A GANG SYNDICATE LED BY THE MOST FEARFUL AND DANGEROUS DRUG LORD - MASTER KHAID. PHOTOS OF THEM ARE SHOWN BELOWThe headlines read. I looked down hurriedly to see photos of master khaid and I from our last encountergoodness gracious!! how... how did this happen?I held the newspaper firmly with shaky hands, not wanting to raise my head to meet the eyes of my furious dad" what the hell Noah? why did you do this?" he fired at me" I didn't dad. you have to trust me" my voice brokehe scoffed and took few steps backwards, then ruffled his hair with with hand" do you have any idea what you've done?" he asked me" do you know the implications of this? what it can do to your life? not just
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New york
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 6Noah's Pov;" dad" I called again - slowly. I looked at him to find his eyes were closedI sighed and walked to the couch slowly - taking a sit beside him"dad" I called, tapping him slowlyhe didn't make any attempt to open his eyes as they were still shut" dad" I called again" what happened?" i asked not minding the fact that he wasn't replying me" if I have the chance I would have..." he snapped up immediately and walked out on me,taking the stairsto say I was shocked by his action was an understatementGod! what have I gotten myself into? how do I fix this?I asked myself as I sulk into the chairSOME DAYS LATERit's been some days now after the incident and after Dad walked out on me in the sitting room. he hasn't spoken to me since then and this made me more scaredI didn't and couldn't tell what had happened or what was going on in his mind?I hardly get to see him. he's hardly home and
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The News
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 7" what the...?" Beatrice screamed with annoyance laced in her tone" how dare you? you have the guts to walk to this table without an invitation and even sat down, then placed your filthy snacks on the same table am eating from; and then used that God forsaken hand of yours to take from my fries and start eating it like a lunatic" she cursed boiling with rageChelsea looked at Mario to see him smirkinggosh!! that was alot. isn't he supposed to be angry or something? she thought" you done?" he asked her smirkingthis only made Beatrice grew angrier. She wiggled her brows at him and held her face with contempt" you're a scumbag and so full of yourself" Chelsea said and dragged her tray of snacks to the end" well... I don't know why I take that as a compliment" Mario said and laughed. Chelsea couldn't helped it and she laughed out tooBeatrice stared at her with anger and disappointment" what..
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A slap
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 8Mario's Pov;I just couldn't sit down anymore and watch them harass her.not that Beatrice was the type of person you could mess with but i felt I needed to stand up for her and do something; especially when I saw one of Mitchell's friends raised her hand to slap herit would have landed if I hadn't intervened on timeI held it mid air and turned to glare at her - lilly or whatever she was calledthe whole place was still as quiet as a grave yardI looked at Beatrice ad she battled her eyelashes at me repeatedly In a ' what are you doing' kinda lookI dropped her hand and turned to Beatrice" don't you ever try that again" I warned still staring at Beatriceno one could tell who I was referring to. Cindy opened her mouth to say something but before she could I took Beatrice's hand and walked out of the cafeteria with her amidst her struggles and hesitations**" let go of me you jerk" Beatrice yel
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πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— (Oceana)By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 9Noah's POV;we arrived at the airportβ€”when I say we, I mean dad and Ithe past few days after hearing the news has been hell for me I basically couldn't do anything and I hardly left my roomhow do I cope in a place where I lost the person dearest to meβ€”the only thing that had mattered so much to meβ€œ We are here” dad peered Into my thoughts. I looked out the window to see we were already at the airport.I got down from the car immediately and stood by it, staring roundβ€”at the people in particularthe chauffeur that had brought us to the airport went to the back of the car to get my luggageβ€œ so son; this is where we part waysβ€”until we meet again” dad said smiling at meI wish I could see past his smiles to what he was thinking about? Isn't he affected in any way by all this? I wondered.β€œ Dad…” I trailed off.β€œ You're going to be fine, Noah. You will be fine” he reassured, and I heaved.β€œ Your Au
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πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana ) By: Ukinebo Glory Episode 1 Chelsea peeped into the room. it was dim as usual, but still; she was able to catch a glimpse of Ana who was sitting on the chair facing the window, and then at the untouched plate of food close to her Chelsea sighed and closed the door gently before heading back to the sitting room, where she met her mom " mom!" she yelled her mom's eyes went to hers immediately and she could see the anger in them " what's it dear?" she asked tenderly " is it not Oceana,or whatever she's called. she's refused to eat the food I kept there since morning" Chelsea said angrily. her chest beating hard as she spoke, and her arms were folded across her chest her mom smiled and dropped the sweater she was knitting " come sit dear" she said tapping the space besides her Chelsea snared and walked to sit close to her mom - the anger and resentment still on her face Mrs Welch - Chelsea's mom smiled and took her
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A new home
πŸ’“πŸ’— Beautiful Mystery πŸ’“πŸ’— ( Oceana )By: Ukinebo GloryEpisode 10Chelsea's Pov;school was really hectic for me today and almost all the classes we had were boringI couldn't wait to get home and was so glad when the last bell for the day rang outI picked up my bag immediately and rushed outBeatrice had offered to give me a ride but I had declinedI wouldn't wanna risk anyone knowing where I live - mom's instructionsI got home after a long walk. the distance from home to school was really long, and I dont fancy taking taxis or cabswe have a car - just one car; but mom drives it to worksometimes, she would drop me off at school if am up early because she goes to work super earlyI don't like going to school in time but I guess I don't have a choicethe whole house was as silent as a graveyard - the usual silence I get every god forsaken day I get back from schoolit Almost looks like the house was empty; but hell wasn't, because she's always home
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