Billionaire leveling up

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Billionaire leveling up

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Ajax, a twenty years old orphan, who had his grandfather was his only family had just concluded high school and was yet to go to college. He had a job at Parker’s Café asa waiter. When his girlfriend Caroline, a college student calls him to remind him of her birthday, She asks him to get her a gift as she would be throwing a party where all of her friends would be present. Ajax goes out to get a gift with the last cash he had. After getting the gift, he gets attacked by robbers on his way home. He gets protected by the voices in his head which he later finds out to be a system/AI installed in his brain. He returns home terrified of what was going on his head. He gets to know more about the AI and makes crazy deals with it. The deals leads him to finding out more about his parents death. He goes on a journey to unravel the truth behind his parents death and the origin of the AI installed in him.

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  • Ibiso Bobmanuel


    Wonderful piece, I enjoyed the chapters. Keep more chapters coming.

    2023-05-07 16:23:16
  • Swerve


    Who else is enjoying this book? Give it a 5 star rating ...️...️...️...️...️

    2023-04-28 02:36:19
  • Blessed


    Excellent story, beautifully written. The chapters just keeps getting better.

    2023-06-03 00:17:38
  • jamesklurkin


    Nice book. I love the consistent updates

    2023-06-03 00:13:06
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145 chapters
System Activated
As he left his home, the chill breeze of the night slapped his face. It was nights like this he loved to take walks. Under the moon light, hands in his coat as he walked, enjoying the scenery, but here he was, with a T-shirt and trousers, rushing to get a gift from a store for his girlfriend.He could not take a taxi because it would reduce the money he had left, so he was walking. Memories of happy moments with Caroline flashed through his head as he walked. She was so sweet and perfect.Now, he could barely recognize her. Her once sweet words that were like medicine to his soul were now thorns and daggers ripping through what was left of his heart.Laura’s store revealed itself as Ajax turned a corner. It's light were still on and the sign still read open. His lips curved upwards in a smile.He was glad the store was still open. He had walked past few stores. All had closed because it was getting late. He quickened his steps and hurried to the store. He pushed the door open as the
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Fight at Laura’s Street
SYSTEM ACTIVATEDWhat the hell was that? He looked around. The three men stood up as they took a fighting stance.No, that sound did not come from them. That sounded like a feminine voice.One of the three ran forward, towards him, blinded with rage, ready to beat the crap out of him.RIGHTThe guy lunched a punch on his right, Ajax blocked it swiftly.LEFTAnother kick came to his left. He dodged it as well.How on earth did he see that coming and deflect it so fast. And who the hell was telling him what to do!RIGHT KICK TO HIS STOMACHHe felt his right leg lift on it's own accord and strike a heavy kick on the man's stomach. The man fell to the floor grunting in pain.ADVANCE FORWARDHe watched as his feet walked towards the man.GRAB NECK AND LEFT KICK ON CALVESHis hands lifted up and in one swift motion, he grabbed the man's neck. Ajax gasped and watched in sheer horror as the man watched him eyes wide, struggling to breath. His left leg threw a kick on his calves. The man fell
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Deal with the system
Just as he thought he had fallen asleep, the annoying ringtone he created blasted through the silence of the night.He groaned In his sleep. Who in the right mind would be calling by this time of the night? He shifted in bed as he lay comfortably ignoring the call. It could wait till morning. Then it went silent.Grrrrr… rrr… rrr…Oh C’mon! He cursed as he tightened his pillows over his ears to block out the noise. After it rang and he did not pick it stopped again.Just when he thought he was finally drifting off the annoying sound came again. He grunted in annoyance. He swore not to pick the damn call. The person could go to hell.Then came the notification sounds. They came back to back forming a symphony. He flipped his eyes open as he stared at the roof of the van. His gaze shifted to the table where his phone rested. As much as he wanted his glare to turn into molten lava and melt the phone away, it could not. His hard glare did not stop it from ringing. He decided to put it o
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A Million Dollars
After a while of riding the bicycle, Agora shopping mall revealed itself as Ajax turned a corner. It's light were still on and the sign still read open. His lips curved upwards in a smile.Agora's shopping mall was known for their 24 hours services. The mall was very big and had the highest patronage in their region when compared to other stores.He was not surprised when he got in that there was people shopping inside.As he walked in he looked around in awe. He felt like a character in a movie. Everywhere was covered in glass that were as clear as crystals. The bright lights, a moving staircase that led to the floor above them, every thing was beautiful. A soft song played in the background. Apart from the song, the place was quiet. Well, not silent kind of quiet, but it was not noisy. He observed that there were not much people in the mall. They had fewer customers at this time. He remembered the last time he came here with his grandfather.The place was full unlike today.He wal
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Caroline’s Party
"Ugh! The stupid thing would not bulge!” he cursed as he tried to zip up his pants.As soon as he got home and offloaded everything on his bed, he started changing into one of the clothes he had just gotten.As soon as he finished dressing, he rode the bicycle bearing the gifts he had just gotten for Caroline.When he got to Caroline's place, he sneaked around so that no one he knew would see him. He kept her gifts in a safe place and returned the bike.***“Finally you are here. Where are Carolin gifts?” Lydia scoffed and turned off her heels."Where is Caroline?"Lydia rolled her eyes and asked him to follow her.He stood at the door of Caroline’s apartment, he could hear the loud music blasting from the speakers.His eyes swept the room in search of his blonde love when Tara appeared from no where.Where did she gone?The room was filled with people. Some faces he knew, some he had never seen in his life. How did she know all these people!She weaved her way through the crowd as sh
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“Oh c'mon man” Ajax said. “Are you feeling envious?” he drawled as he squinted his eyes away from the sun. It was already morning. The sun had come up.His statement seemed to have angered the guy as he squeezed his hands tightly around his the collar of Ajax shirt.“cal… calm do… down,” Ajax choked, “I Ca…n't bre…ath.”The guy was truly strong. Ajax could not breath, he was struggling for air. If this guy continued with this, he would pass out.His vision was already starting to get dotted as he heard the guy’s voice coming from a far distance. He could hardly make out the words the guy was saying. He decided to do the one thing he would never do on even his enemy. This was necessary. He looked down to the guys trousers zipper. In one swift motion, with every strength he could muster, he lifted his knees and hit him where the light doesn't shine.That action made the hold on his neck to disappear. Ajax fell into a fit of cough while he took deep breaths to fill his lungs.As soon
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Another deal
“Your grandfather, Mr Vaughn Ronald has been arrested and is being detained in police custody.” He was torn between feeling happy, relief, sad and regret.Happy and relief because his grandpa was alive.Sad because he was arrested.Regret for accepting the stupid offer and for not completing it.He checked the time on his wrist watch. It was already half past 11pm.He sighed deeply and started towards the police station. He felt tired and weak. He had not eaten anything all day. By the time he had reached. It was already past midnight.“Good evening officer” he greeted. “I want to see Mr Vaughn. He is my grandfather”“Oh, I’m sorry Mr Ajax, he had been detained for forging computer parts amongst other things in his previous company.” The police officer said. “You would need to pay before we grant him bail”“That is not an issue” Ajax said. “How much?”“Fifty thousand dollars”“That is not an issue” Ajax said as he fished out his phone. ALL FUNDS HAVE BEEN WITHDRAWN BY AIAs he read
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I HAVE ANOTHER QUEST FOR YOU. EARN $100,000 AND RECEIVE $10,000,000Get out of my head! I am not making stupid deals with you.Ajax was furious. Mostly at himself for wasting the money he had, for falling asleep in Caroline's house and for even accepting the stupid deal. IT IS NOT AN OFFER AJAX. AFTER FAILING THE PREVIOUS TASK, YOU HAVE TO EARN 100 THOUSAND DOLLAR IN ORDER TO GET 10 MILLION DOLLARS OR YOU LOSE ANOTHER THING PRECIOUS TO YOU.Ajax ignored the voice in his head as he trudged the path towards his home. It felt so surreal, him being a million dollar rich few hours ago and he had not even gotten a house.He opened the door of his Van home, shut it behind him and went straight to his room.Suppressing the thoughts of regret and foolishness, he fell asleep.***The sunrays shone through his window forcing him to wake up. He turned in his bed shielding his face from the rays.He wished he had magic, like a character from Harry Potter or like Bonnie Bennett. He could use tele
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Redeemed mission accomplished
ELEVEN HOURS LEFT…..Stop reminding me!Ajax sometimes wished he could be able to get a hold of this voice in his head thingy. Maybe teach him a lesson to stop messing with him whenever he was down, hurt or sad.Three little kids ran past him. It startled him because he was deep in thought. Thinking about how he would generate or get a hundred thousand dollars, thinking about the words Caroline said.She knew how much he loved his parents and how much he cared. Her words were so insensitive.“Leave my house you thief. I don’t even want to know how you stole the money or if your parents are in trouble, just get out”“….or if your parents are in trouble, just get out”The words kept ringing in his head. He remembered when he first saw Caroline. It was at the famous Candy Land. He looked behind him, across the street. The Candy Land.“Jaxieee” His mother, Leah yelled from a distance.Little Ajax was running across the road to meet his Dad. He had no care in the world. All he wanted was
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Immediately Ajax thanked Uncle Nais, he rushed straight to the police station.Immediately he got to the police station he requested for his grand father.“You’ll have to fill in these first” one of the police officers said as he gave Ajax a form to fill.“You are advised to remain in town so that the police department could easily access you.”Ajax paid the bail fee and waited for his grand father.As soon as Vaughn was set free, Ajax flew into his arms and held his grand father tightly.“I missed you too Ajax” his grand father said as he held him.Ajax could not help but feel a sense of relief from his father being free and him also being free from the deadline of the system in him.It had been a month plus that Vaughn and Ajax has been living together. Ajax continued his job at Cameron Parker’s place while his grandfather took to teaching at the local high school in the town.Ajax could not understand why his grand father would want to teach there. His grandfather was brilliant eno
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