The Shadow Monarch System

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The Shadow Monarch System

By: OSABIKU collins OngoingSystem

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As the King of Death in his previous life, Ainz Dorak was a formidable and fearsome ruler. He commanded an army of dark and terrifying creatures, instilling fear and awe in all who crossed his path. His power was unmatched, his reign absolute in the underworld. Despite his immense power and influence, Ainz Dorak could not escape the treachery and betrayal that ultimately led to his downfall. His enemies conspired against him, and so, he met his end, his power and glory fading into memory, so he thought, but something else happened at the point where he thought he had lost everything. Ainz suddenly woke up in a different place, another world to be precise, a world as cruel and twisted, and similar to his previous world, yet different. In this world, Ainz was rebirthed as an abandoned child of a noble, where he learns of the cruel fate of his reality. However, by chance, he was reincarnated with a system; The Shadow Monarch System, through the system, he lives the life of a Shadow Halfing turned Monarch, while making power his only reason for living. Following the path that has been laid out for him through the system, he would pave his path with his army of dark and terrifying creatures, as he snatched the lives of his enemies until he was once again called the king of death. ----------- [Congratulations! You have accepted Mark of the Shadows!] [You now bear a faint scent of Shadow!] [Shadows now recognizes you as their own!]

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22 chapters
Death for Death
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, despair for despair. Death for death, shadow for shadows."Those were my last thoughts before I woke up.Opening my hazy eyes a sudden tremor ran through me, as I looked around the place I was in before I slightly recoiled at the intensity of the room's brightness."Where...?" Was all I could summon for a thought in my head, and what resonated out of my dried sore throat which felt like it had been lined with sandpaper.Before I realized that I could think again.Moving my head around I couldn't understand what was happening but I could see a body... It was my own body, but something was amiss.It was kneeling motionless, with a spear sticking out from the back of its chest through its heart, dripping out blood but the blood wasn't red like anyone would think, it was completely black.As I looked at it, weirdly, I wasn't even shocked just surprised, since I could now think I could already tell what happened with the memories that began flooding
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As we moved forward it didn't take long for us to arrive in front of the two gates, the moment we arrived we noticed two figures standing at the front of the gates. I wondered if they were the gatekeepers that guarded the gates.Just like before I realized I could not make sense of these beings, neither could I tell if they were friends or foes, but I saw no need to react especially when I was already dead and lost all my powers.At first glance, you would think they were so tiny they would be sucked into the gates at any moment.But on a second glance, you would realize they were humongous, despite their size being an ant when compared to the two colossal gates."Welcome to the realm of reincarnation." A voice no one could tell where it came out from said to us, after the voice spoke we all understood one thing, this was a realm of reincarnation, a realm that was only heard of in legends."Welcome once again to the realms of reincarnation."To put it simply, the white gate is that of
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Just then while he was wondering what was happening, something began to materialize in front of him.[Loading...10%...30%...55%...75%...89%...100%][Soul has been successfully reincarnated][System Updated!][Welcome New {Soul} to your new World]Ainz was in a fluster as he stared at the panel, 'What is this?' he thought to himself silently while he lay on what he couldn't tell what it was. 'Huh?'Immediately, as Ainz thought to this point, another black flat panel full of white written words slowly appeared before his eyes. [Request Accepted!][Status Screen loading]Name: Ainz DorakTitles: NoneAge: 0(2) daysSex: MaleRace: Half-Elf / Half-HumanLevel: 0Exp:0/100HP: 5/10[Attributes]Mana: 01Strength: 01Agility: 01Vitality: 01Agility: 01Mana Sense: 01Bloodline: (Unknown)???????Skills: None[New Soul Starter Pack unlocked. The starter pack would be unlocked within [5 days]At this point Ainz couldn't stop staring at the magical screen in front of him in wonder, he couldn
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Stopping at the front of the door exit, Andrew stared at her with cold glints in his eyes, before saying;"Lilith, don't forget you brought it upon yourself, it was you who wanted to get pregnant, it was you who wanted a child, and not me?" "And even if you are my wife, and the child belongs to me, do you think with this bit and piece of blood he has in his veins, will be able to survive in the main family?"Don't make me look wicked, this child is bound to be a lifetime trash, neither did he take from your former glory nor my talent.""He's just as useless as you are now. Rather than complaining I said those things, you should be happy I let a child without any bloodline stay in the Kalamas household. If you really want to keep this child, then forget about ever teaching him magic and instead let him become a professor, that would be much better"After he said that, he walked out of the room, with nothing but the remnant of his voice echoing in the room, leaving Lilith with eyes bri
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The humongous
The more Ainz listened, the more his mood dampened and his expression grew dark.Lilith kept talking, while sometimes she would heave a sad sigh, but in fact, Ainz's mind was away. He had long considered the plan of running away, though he appreciated the affection of this woman and felt guilt towards taking over her real child soul, still, he wouldn't put his life in harm's way because of some few words she said to him.While he felt guilty it wasn't stupidity, ever since he got betrayed by those he trusted and called allies, he had created a clear boundary about people and had become even more cautious.He guessed it was because of how much he had trusted and felt he could never get betrayed, which was why such had happened to him, otherwise with his strength he would definitely had survived.From the clothing of this world, and even from the way they ran their errands, the constructions of their buildings, and the taste of furniture, he could guess that this was nothing like Niflhe
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The Wyvern
Two figures gradually arrived mid-air, whom Lilith identified to be Andrew in a golden armor and an old man, with a straight combed long gray beard reaching towards his waist, for reasons even though the sky was windy his beard barely swayed along with it.He was wearing a gray worn-out robe which had large sleeves, and his right hand held a wooden staff a few inches long. They looked at the wyvern right in its eyes, and it did the same.The standoff lasted for about a few seconds, before Andrew and the white robe old man briefly nodded at themselves.He then raised his right hand and mumbled a few words under his breath, then the staff in his hand began to emit little sparks."You're even thinking of using a stick to fight me, how laughable…" It guffawed at the idea of the old man using a mere stick trying to content with its might, its green orbit eyes were like green lanterns trained on the figures in front of it. But all of a sudden, its voice slowly grew soft, and with a muffled
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The patriach
At first when Ainz heard he was going to be transmigrated to a new world after his demise, and he was a half-elf he didn't know if he should be happy about it. He thought of all how those he had helped watched, while he was being betrayed and killed, he even wondered how his home Niflheim would survive without him, all he wanted was to go back to his previous world.But the more he stayed and observed his surroundings and the Ancient being who had brought him to this world, that was when it suddenly dawned on him he might really not be able to go back, even if he wanted to.Because, first of all, he had no idea how the souls of humans work, and how far or where those ancient beings had brought his soul too.Yet, after his soul was transmigrated into a half-elf, he started considering how he could exploit this world for himself, or thought that there might be much more the eyes could see, especially with the fact he was not only granted a second chance he was also given a system, this
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Unexpected evolution
Carrying Ainz back to their sleeping quarters at the center of the first floor castle, what she did not notice was the baby in her arms was erily silent with contemplative eyes filled with intelligence.'Protect me my ass! What the point of leeching off someone to protect you with such powers. When you can still work towards gaining such crazy powers yourself, even if he could protect me everyday, what happens when he isn't around and my life was suddenly in danger? That will just make me a sitting duck, especially if the person choose to abandon you at death pont.'To think that such powers are also in this world, that means even if there are no monarchs in this world, there are likely people as strong and powerful as them. If I can utilise my knowledge in this world, I can likely regain my former strength, and such powers I must get my hands on it!'If possible, try to see if i was the only one who was reincarnated in this world or if there are others like me, I might have to risk i
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Evolution completed
[Completion of System Evolution - 5%[Completion of System Evolution - 10%-25%...-75% -100%].....[System Evolution, Monarch system completed!][Wyvern now recognizes you as their own!][Wyvern King requirements for bloodline transference, has been fulfilled!][You has received Blessings of the Wyvern King][You has become Immune to Toxin!][You has become Immune to Fire!][You has become Immune to Cold!]....Even as Ainz was asleep, he could slightly feel the changes his body was undergoing, even in his reverie state....[You has Acquired the abilities of a Wyvern King][You has successfully evolved into a Child of Wyvern!][Wyvern King Mystic Might{ High grade meditation technique, Has been acquired!][Host Mana sensitivity has gone through changes][Congratulations, You have now bear the scent of a Shadow and Wyvern][Congratulation! Shadow ability as been unlocked!][Host has gained increase in all stats][Stats recalculating.... ][New Transmigration Starter Pack has been u
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Cultivation technique
'Locked? I guess with time I will get to understand how to unlock it.' Ainz thought as he stared at the black screen for a while, squinting his baby eyes, he decided to put it at the back of his mind.After sorting his thoughts out, Ainz decided to move on to the next ability, no rather than calling it an ability, it was much better to call it a Cultivation Technique.His eyes narrowed down to both the Cultivation Technique and the dark energy Manipulation ability he got from being a Shadow halfling, his eyes quickly went through the black screen almost immediately.On reading the information just beneath it, his eyes widened.'What?' Ainz couldn't almost believe what he was seeing.'Cultivation technique which could increase and strengthen my body, while also improving my bloodline?' His eyes stared at it, with disbelief.'And also, does that mean I didn't lose my abilities from before I reincarnated? I wonder how much of my powers I retained when I was brought into this new world?'
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