Assassination System: Vengeance

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Assassination System: Vengeance

By: SirriMist OngoingSystem

Language: English

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[ Intense full action, adventure, gore bloodshed, and may contain content inappropriate for children. ] "What if technology and systems as weapons of mass destruction?" 40XX, Oakenvale Metropolis State. Since his parents mysteriously disappeared, Seth's life has been chaotic. Seth Vonstein, who lives in the lower caste of Oakenvale State, can do nothing when his wealthy co-workers treat him like scum and abuse him inhumanely. They called Seth a state loser who deserves to die. Anger, disgust, and revenge. Seth only can hold without being able to resist. One day wakes up from his slumber when a mysterious phone warns him that the dangerous secret organization called the codex is after him. At first, Seth did not believe the contents of the mysterious phone and denied it. However, a mob of strangers in black suits comes to his apartment and fires everything. They hunt down Seth in a brutal way. ---------- [ Greetings, Vonstein. I've been searching and watching you all this time. Congratulation, your Assassination System is activated_ ] [ We have a list of the target for your execution_ ] [ Now, you have two choices – do you want to be a hunter as a hero or die to be hunted as a coward?_ ] ***

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[ Welcome, Hunter. ] [ Luton Mountain. Thu, 21 Aug 40XX_. 5.46 AM_ ] [ Coordinate: -5°.27’587” S.119°.4’684” E_ ] [ Wind : 10m/s to Southwest 76°_ ] [ Terminal Func//A2 ] [ Distance on target: 2000m. ] [ Target mission: Ace Hendrix, Alek Velkan, Barton Nikolai. ] "I'm in position." [ Stay focused on your mission, Hunter. ] "Luton Mountain, a relic of a greedy and failed empire." He muttered sarcastically. "Their conspiracy must be exposed." He climbed the hill higher in search of a good lookout spot. His firing range to Ace Hendrix's secret facility was about 2000 meters from behind the thick fog and the cold wind in the dawn. The cargo plane has just landed. The soldiers were busy unloading wooden containers and taking them inside a secret facility. The chemical factory was tremendous and guarded heavily. New armored vehicles arrived at the perimeter of the front. Four soldiers came out of it, while two others patrolled once every seven minutes. The secret facility had a
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Chapter 1
[Seth's Life Earlier. ] "But do you have to do it yourself? And this is your project. Why should I do it?" Seth refused their request. Taking care of this work and project made him exhausted. It is not even his job! He would like to work on this project alone if he could choose. [ People are useless like them! Why do they have everything? ] Seth muttered irritably. How many days did he not sleep well for the sake of doing everything before the deadline came? Seth always works hard alone. But the Castor team enjoys bonuses and good imaging from the CEO – Daniel Powter. Seth hissed in frustration. [That's not fair! ] "For what? There's you. That's why you work here. Poor people like you have to work hard. Didn't I give you the money, loser?!" Castor said virulently. Seth is unable to fight them. Every day humiliated unfairly. Seth's hands are clenched on his lap. His soul harbored inexpressible wrath and revenge. "I'm not taking any money from you, Castor!" Seth replied with
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Chapter 2
"Baby?! Open the door! It's me, Millie. I brought you breakfast! Are you in there?!"Millie knocked on his apartment door impatiently, her tiny voice echoing outside. "Wait a sec!" Seth called from the bathroom door.With a towel on his head, Seth grabbed the apartment door, and with arduous, he pulled the door wide open. A crackling sound was deafening. His face was radiant to welcome the arrival of Millie - his lover. The single most beautiful gift Seth had in his life - Millie Graham. "Millie? Are you coming? I just got out of the shower. Come on in. Sorry, the door's a little broken." Seth smiled airily and opened the door wider. If it wasn't for Millie, maybe Seth chose suicide long ago. The presence of Millie makes him keep the spirit of living a life that often ends badly and unlucky for him. "You have to find a new apartment. Look for something better. Why are you so happy to live in this crappy place?" Millie grumbles, and she rolls her eyes lazily. Seth giggled. "It i
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Chapter 3
Seth muttered and laughed behind his desk. "I can imagine their stupid faces now!" Deliberately absent today to show the rottenness of the Castor team in front of investors and CEO Daniel Powter. Seth has been sending corrupt documents to Castor and his other fucking associates' accounts to infect the entire primary Covcaid company system. "I assure you, you will be dead!" Seth opens his laptop, and he infiltrates his office security system. With a smirk like a devil, no one knew – that Seth controlled the entire control system of the company. He was treated like scum and beaten up by his wealthy colleagues all this time without showing his dark side. "If they can do evil, I can also be a monster!" Seth is too fed up with grudges and hurts that repaying is arduous. Poverty in Oakenvale is indeed a disgrace to the townspeople. The System in this country is unfair. Seth is willing to do anything, even let his darkest side destroy others. [ I want to be like them and laugh at the
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Chapter 4
"Did you know? Yesterday, the Castor team had fired. Mr. Powter is furious. Their system failed miserably, infected the entire office network, and in front of the investors - he showed disgusting footage. God, How dare they do such a thing?" "Yeah, Castor is an asshole. She fucked the secretary of Mr. Powter. That's insane. It's good to have a powerful family. They can do everything at will." "I did know long ago that they are not good at work. It's their big project, but a mess. If I were them - I'd rather die than be ashamed. I heard the tape went viral online." "No, they are arrogant, and I hate to see them hanging around here. Especially Castor. He's a pervert! The CEO immediately fired them in front of the investors. How funny looks their face yesterday." "Yeah, you're right. That bastard deserves that!" "Unfortunately, the company's shares all fell, and pity of Pamela Geraldine. She's fired too." The gossipers laughed heartily. For Seth, they're all the same. [ You are sc
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Chapter 5
"Just die, you bastards!" Seth cursed with the rest of his strength. The voices weakened and hoarse. The flood of blood flowed from all the sources of wounds. The thick and hot red liquid grieved his eyes. Seth's pointed nose bleeding, and his scalp stinging. The sensation of torture piercing every inch of his skin defeated Seth's common sense. A violent cough still attacked, and blood splashed from his mouth. His entire body shivered cause of being hit by the brutal pressure waves from all his injuries. Seth held onto his broken ribs and lay on the asphalt. His empty gazed look at the night sky. It felt like death was in front of his eyes. [ If only. If another life, I was still given a chance to live. I swear, I won't let you go. I will hunt you down and kill you one by one! ] Castor chuckled wickedly. He removed the cigar from his mouth – he pressed Seth's right palm with smoldering hot coals. "FUCK YOU, Castor! I will kill you!" Seth mooed in fright and felt arduous to
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Chapter 6
"Find Seth Vonstein right now! Dead or alive!! Move it all!" "Yes, sergeant! Move up! Move up! Find the target!" Seth was surprised to hear his name called and squinted back from the window. A dozen of those creepy people were like a collection of heavyweight mercenaries. [ I told you, but you didn't listen to me. ] The man spoke again, and Seth didn't realize that the cell phone was still online. "Who are they?! What do they want from me?! Can't I talk well with them?!" Seth asked innocently. [ You have to get rid of your naive thoughts! They're trained mercenaries from the ruthless organization The Codex. They will do anything to catch and kill you! They don't care how many victims fall if they get their purpose! No time to explain and think, Seth! You have to get out of there right now! You can still run! Move now! Follow my orders, and you'll be safe! ] He heard the sound of an explosion brutally from downstairs made him confused and shocked for a moment. [ Duuuuuuuummmmm! ]
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Chapter 7
"What do you mean? Have a series of deadly weapons?" Seth asked with horror. On the windshield of his car, a series of data algorithms were seen that gave rise to the most robust armored vehicles that could drive quickly. [ Rhinos Data Analyst. ] The speed, power, and twelve cylinders make the engine go fast. Rhinos is the big car and powerful as the Rhinos invasion had a muzzle armed by a steel monster bumper with sharp horns at the bottom. "Insane." Seth mumbled in flabbergasted. "We're going to die." And the last one - data about the weapons and the machine gun. There is a bazooka-like rocket shell. "Its destructive power can tear a car above 98G. Crazy, and even people can die if hit that hard." Seth muttered in horror. "Okay. The weaponry is terrible. Bad news. How do we fight it?" [ This Bugatti has been modified with high-tech weaponry, Seth. Fighting Rhinos takes work. However, he would struggle against EMP tech. ] Seth frowned and stared at that intelligent, sophistica
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Chapter 8
"Motherfucker!" Seth screamed furiously, trying to control his shaky steering wheel. "Bloody hell!" [ Tiiiiiidddddddd!!! ] Seth goes into the opposite lane, other vehicles honking and cursing his anger. "Hey, you idiot! You wanna die, huh?!" "Sorry!" Seth replied and shrieked in amusement. He must focus and be the aware density of this vehicle must be avoided swiftly and deftly if he does not want to die. Unlike the Rhinos, he chases and smashes anything that comes his way. It creates powerful explosions on the asphalt. Seth catches the attention of patrolling Alverton City Police. Police sirens are echoed among the city streets. "Great. Nice. Our problems are growing. Alverton City Police are furious right now." Seth muttered resentfully, receiving a response from law enforcement agencies that detected the speed of his car above average. Exacerbated the existence of Rhinos who butch like wrathful bulls and destroy anything indiscriminately. Rhino's brutal attack frightened
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Chapter 9
"What the?" Seth gawked as he got off the Lamborghini Veneno, and the door opened automatically. He came down with limping footsteps due to a rib injury that felt an increasingly stabbing pain. "Ouch. My ribs hurt." The bruises on his face and body have not disappeared. It looks blue everywhere. Seth still felt tremendous heartache-what Millie and Castor doing behind his back. [ I can't believe it, Millie. You're too much! You're the one I'm proud of, but bear to ruin my life! ] Seth cursed hate in his heart. Flames of anger burned his soul. Resentment, anger, and hatred thicken. [ If only I could get my revenge. How am I supposed to deal with that bastard Castor? Surprise, I'm alive now. ] He stopped in a magnificent mansion, and the park looked spacious and luxurious. There is a futuristic fountain in the center. The Lamborghini runs on its own. Leave Seth alone and go inside the garage that has a basement. The garage door was gigantic, made of steel, and opened automaticall
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