Chapter 1451 A Cousin of Mine

Jack and Octavio are having lunch together at Crystal Blue.

“So, bro, how was the photo shoot?” Octavio asks as he cuts the filet mignon.

“It was wonderful. They called all the actors in the commercial for us to represent a family happy to buy an apartment built by Rocha Constructions.” Jack takes a sip of wine.

Octavio smiles mischievously, “Did they call your actress friend?”

Jack blushes a little, “Her name is Veronica.”

“Veronica who?” Octavio is already thinking about marriage.

“Just Veronica, for now, you little hurried one.” Jack laughs.

“You know that marrying her will be the only option to soothe our father's heart, you know?” Octavio speaks as if this were paramount.

“I know. Poor Daddy...” Jack sighs.

Suddenly the same Veronica appears at the restaurant. She doesn't see the Motta brothers, but they do.

Veronica greets Kelvin effusively at the maître d's stand.

“Did you see the commercial, Kelvin?” She is blown away.

“I did, Veronica! You knew how to convince us as a housewi
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