Chapter 1685 Grandpa Harold Will Be at My Wedding

The next day, at Harold's house, Wallace turns on the radio and Alanis Morissette's song “Head Over Feet” wakes up his parents.

That is, wakes Isabel up. Harold is still soundly asleep in bed with a serene smile.

“Good morning, son! Still have some energy to spend? Wasn't the party enough?” Isabel greets him.

Wallace replies with a smile, “I still have it, I'm regaining the vigor I had before I was arrested.”

“Ah, son, if it were possible for us to mention this period as little as possible...” Isabel crosses her arms.

“It would be very convenient for me to forget everything, mother.” Wallace hugs her, “But I want to remember the stupid things I've done so I don't do it again.”

“You wouldn't be able to wrong twice.” Isabel reminds him.

“No, but other blunders I can still commit.” Wallace kisses his mother on the forehead, “Is the radio too loud? I think I'll wake up dad.”

“If your father is still sleeping, it's because the radio isn't playing loud.” Isabel jokes, “I'll check.”

Isabel r
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