Chapter 1867 Reuben Didn't Lie

At General Hospital, William feels entitled to be offended by what Simeon has said to him.

“Father, I can't believe you think you've failed me. It's not enough that I had an accident, now you've decided to say that you despise me?”

Simeon rolls his eyes. LCN is losing a telenovela actor, “Will, pay attention. I said that your mother and I failed you because we didn't know how to raise you. It's our fault, and now, we'll have to put up with your grumblings for the rest of our lives.”

William swallows hard and softens his voice, “Dad, you and Mom raised me very well.”

“O really?” Simeon lashes out, “Then why are you what you are?”

“External factors.” William snorts, “If there were no Josias in our lives—”

Simeon interrupts him, “If Josias hadn't existed in our lives, we'd still be in that shack in Happiness Slum, and your sister would be married to that rapist Fabrício, introduced by Pamela, remember?”

“Or Melissa would have been married to WALLACE, and he wouldn't have ruined his life
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