Chapter 2094 Kelvin Never Cheated on Me

At Rocha Constructions, Josias is outraged that Gabriela still dares to show up at the office as if she were someone important.

Tobias is embarrassed when he realizes that it’s Gabriela who joked with the Rocha brothers, “Excuse me, I have to prepare my inaugural speech.”

“Congratulations, Mayor Ibrahim, but I voted for the other one,” Gabriela says disrespectfully.

Tobias gets indignant and leaves the office.

Josias is frowning, “What did you come here for, Gabriela?”

“Josias, I need you to listen to me—”

“I think I listened to you too much and gave you too much freedom.” Josias cuts her off, “Why did you do that, Gabriela? I was willing to marry you and give you my last name, but you had to screw it up by sleeping with my brother, huh?”

Gabriela clashes with Josias using the past tense, “Josias... I... how did you...?”


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