Chapter 2101 Uélton Freire Building


Josias was in front of the Uélton Freire building, in Vila Velha, giving the opening speech. He doesn't usually do this on every building that Rocha Constructions puts up, but this one was special.

“As you know, Uélton Freire was my best friend.” Josias says, “We met in the favela and together we grew professionally and economically. Like me, Uélton also got married and left a great son to continue his legacy. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pay homage to someone dear that I miss. I hope the residents of this building understand my affection and my dedication.”

Everyone applauds and photographers enjoy the flashes. Josias nods and steps down from the makeshift platform.

Alfred poses for more photos with huge scissors and cuts the red ribbon symbolizing the inauguration. The Uélton Freire building is being treated like a tourist attraction.

It’s said that the purchase and sale valu

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