Chapter 2487 Embarrassment in the Teodoro Building

At Rocha Constructions, Josias announces to Alfred and Octavio that Reuben will work at the company. The gentlemen are walking through the halls, among busy employees.

“Guys, Reuben will replace Pollyanna. Go easy on him.”

“I don’t understand why.” Octavio jokes, “Reuben is an intelligent guy, and very smart.”

Josias smiles at the corner of his mouth, “You know very well that he’ll make a lot of mistakes in his first days as secretary. Don’t make him feel stupid or inferior. Be patient with him.”

Alfredo jokes, “If you have patience with him, Josias, so will we.”

“I know it sounds strange, but I’m actually hoping Reuben will help my son when he takes the throne.” Josias stops in front of the elevator and presses the button.

“Meanwhile, Caio retires me.” Octavio takes a deep breath.

“Are you already thinking about retirement, Octavio? It’s still early!” Alfred laughs.

“Keep dreaming!” Octavio giggles, “Look how time flies! And to think that I joined this company in 1983 and now it’s 20
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