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In CALEB'S ASCENSION TO POWER, nobody can be trusted because the more you look, the less you see. Caleb was a Billionaire from the richest family in the city but in his quest for true love, he decided to live in disguise as a poor man working in another city. He met Jenny who he married thinking she was the right one for him until he caught her sleeping with his boss who did it to humiliate him. She divorced him and in anger, he decided to go back to his real identity but unknown to Jenny, he had been the one secretly helping her to grow her business but she discovered it too late but she was ready to do anything to win him back. The night before Caleb returned to his family, he received a cryptic text from an unknown person warning him not to trust anyone in his family. Caleb returned home to discover there was a conspiracy against his life within his family and also a power tussle for the family company. On his first return, he was shot in an unsuccessful assassination attempt. Caleb returned from the hospital a changed person who refused to be fooled by the sweetness of the people around him including his father. Journey with us in CALEB'S ASCENSION TO POWER as he uncovers the conspiracies behind him and the people who want him dead.

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Shock of his life
Caleb stood fixed on the spot he was standing on as he watched in horror the scene that was unfolding before him. This was not what he was expecting when his boss called him to come meet him at the Crimson Hotel to take home some files."Jenny.." he called out shocked. Jenny looked at him and scoffed."Yes, what do you want Caleb?" She asked him nonchalantly. "Why?" He asked barely able to keep himself from screaming in anger."Why what?" Jenny asked flaring up in anger. "I'm not the one who told you to be less than a man!" Jenny spat out spitefully.Caleb felt like he had been struck with a deadly blow. He suddenly felt dizzy and the ground under his felt like sinking ground. He put his hand on the wall to steady himself. He wondered what had come over Jenny his wife. They had just been married for only a year and here she was cheating on him with his boss and the worst part of it all was that she was not in any way feeling remorseful about it. He wondered what he had done to
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All planned
Caleb looked at his boss and scoffed. He had always known his boss Henry to be a man of deceit and cunningness. Caleb had been working for Henry for up to four years and this particular year would make it the fifth year but he had never known Henry to be someone of integrity or compassion. He had also come to know Henry as a man who would always put himself first before thinking about any other person. He would usually go out of his way to get what he set his mind to get irrespective of who he hurt in the process. Caleb had tried to avoid getting into Henry's bad books and so he always tried to meet Henry's almost inhuman expectations and conditions. Working as Henry's assistant was almost a daily torture as Henry was a very difficult man to please.Caleb could vividly remember the first time he had met Henry. He had just been sent an email regarding his employment and with happiness and joy in his heart, he resumed work the next Monday. Caleb wanted to make a good first impres
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"I am fired?" Caleb repeated scornfully. Henry shifted back as Caleb walked menacingly toward him. Even Jenny was shocked at the new Caleb that she was witnessing. The Caleb she knew had always been gentle and loving towards her, so seeing him like this was a new side that she never thought she would experience. Certain circumstances truly reveal a man's true nature, she thought to herself. "Why are you getting close to me? you son of a nobody!" Henry screamed at Caleb. Caleb ignored the warning and came closer to Henry with a snickering look on his face."You have just signed your death warrant!" Caleb threatened. Caleb turned back to look at Jenny and walked back to her with the same mocking smile. "It's a pity that you don't know what you have just lost, you have made the worst decision of your life by cheating on me." Caleb mocked. Jenny who was taken aback by what Caleb had said to her raised her hand and gave Caleb a dirty slap on his left cheek. She was furious with
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No love
Caleb had been expecting Jenny to come up with that suggestion after he heard Caleb refer to him as her ex-husband but it still hit him hard to hear her say it."Jenny why?" He asked her surprised. "I cannot settle for an ordinary man like you when I can get an extraordinary man like Henry, I'm done suffering with you." Jenny answered. "But I thought you said you loved me and would gladly spend the rest of your life with me!" Caleb said. Caleb was genuinely in love with Jenny, even after seeing her with his boss, he was still ready to forgive her if she asked for his forgiveness.And if she did not ask for his forgiveness, he would still gladly forgive her and try to make up for his lapses. That was how much he was stupidly in love with her."Love? Caleb, did you just say love?" Jenny asked scornfully. "Yes, I said love," Caleb repeated like an idiot which caused Henry to laugh at him in a mocking tone."Caleb, don't be delusional, I never loved you," Jenny confessed. "What? Wha
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Caleb walked out of the hotel room a changed the person. He was going to show them who he was, it was about time he revealed his real identity. Caleb walked to a phone booth to make a call. He dialed a number and the perlson picked up immediately. "Hello, sir!" The voice greeted in respect.Although he knew that Caleb was not able to see him from where he was, he still bowed his head in respect. "Tell my father that I want to see him," Caleb said to the man."But sir, I hope all is well, or is there a problem somewhere?" The voice asked Caleb. "There is no problem, tell him I said it's time for me to return home," Caleb instructed the voice."Yes sir, I will do just that but when are you coming?" The voice asked Caleb. "Tomorrow morning but I will be at the hotel this night," Caleb informed him."Alright sir, I will get the cars ready." The voice said."Good! And remember I hate to be kept waiting." "Yes boss.""Call the manager in charge of the hotel that I am coming to stay
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Chapter 6Caleb walked straight to the Diamond Arena and inserted the key card on the door carrying the room number that was on the key card.He entered the room and went straight to the luxurious bathroom to take his bath. When he was done, he dressed himself in a robe and took out an expensive wine from the mini bar. He drew in a sharp breath of satisfaction immediately the cold wine hit his throat. It had been so long since such good and expensive wine had touched his taste buds since he decided to live the kind of life he had been living for the past five years. He ordered room service and he was told that he would be attended to shortly. Soon, the doorbell chimed and he went to open it. He saw his assistant and the hostel manager standing outside. "What did you come here to do?" Caleb asked the manager. "I came here to apologize, I'm very sorry sir." The hotel manager said."First, I want to meet with with receptionist and the security guards who insulted me outside," Cale
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Chapter 7The people noticed the sudden change in his mood and they began to fear that whatever message he had just received was going to affect them.Caleb smiled and finish his conversations with them before telling them to leave and resume their position that he had forgiven them. They thanked him and left. "What happened boss?" Jack asked.Caleb was about to answer but he remembered the text he received and he decided otherwise. "Nothing I can't handle," Caleb said. "Prepare the private jet but we will stop by somewhere before leaving, I want to check on something." "Alright sir, do you need anything else?" Jack asked."No, just tell the manager to give you and the guys rooms to stay for the night, I want to be alone and it has been a long day, I want to sleep now," Caleb said to Jack."Yes sir and thank you, sir," Jack said as he walked away. ***It had been two hours since Jack had left but Caleb was still finding it hard to sleep. The text he had received kept ringing in
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Chapter 8There was commotion everywhere as people began to run away. Jack with the help of one of the security immediately lifted Caleb into the car and quickly drove away while some went out in search of the shooter.Caleb's father was called and he immediately entered the car and drove straight to the hospital. When he got to the hospital, he was told that Caleb had been rushed in for surgery and the doctors were doing everything they could to make she he survived.Caleb's father who was the chairman walked up to where Jack was and slapped him hard across the face. "I'm sorry sir," Caleb said bending his head in shame. "How did this happen?! What were you doing?!" The chairman shouted at Jack."I'm sorry sir, it happened so fast that I could not do anything about it," Jack explained. "All of you are incompetent morons! I think my son had been too soft on all of you which is why you guys had the guts to show this lack of responsibility." The chairman continued shouting. "I'm s
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Chapter 9The chairman ran towards the room but he was held back by the doctors. "What the hell is going on?" He shouted. "Please sir, you have to wait outside, let the doctors do their work." One of the doctors said."What nonsense! How did this happen?" The chairman asked no one in particular. "We don't know sir, but the security team is already checking the CCTV cameras." The doctor answered. It took some minutes before the Chairman was able to calm himself down and await the doctor's feedback. After some while, the doctors came out."How is he?" The chairman asked."Luckily, he is fine, I think the assailant was yet to do what he came to do before he tripped and mistakenly hit the alarm." The doctor explained. "Great, what about the securities that were drugged?" The chairman asked."They are currently undergoing treatments but once they are awake, we will let you know so you can question them yourself." The doctor said."Alright, what about the CCTV? What did they find?" T
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