I rush out of the falling castle with my hands tied to Nika’s. We pass the back door as Nika suggested and we arrive at the compound.

Varia runs to us and hugs Nika.

“I need to get my friends out of the dungeon,” I say to Nika, placing my hand on her cheek and she nods. Just before I take a step, she calls to me, “be careful!” And I nod with a grin.

I reach the dungeon and I break through the metal door of the dungeon. The building is already falling apart, as crumbles of sands fall off the cracks on the wall. They are startled as they can't see who it is. I punch a hole into the ceiling and light floods the entire room. I'm half transformed, but they all recognize me.

“How are you—”

“How is this possible?”


All three of them asks, shocked to see that I'm still a dragon, not even the type we last were, but a different species.

“I will answers all your questions, I promise. First, we have to get out of here before it collapse,” I say to them and they completely
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