Cutest Pet System

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Cutest Pet System

By: Maxtang OngoingSystem

Language: English

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After the betrayal and death by his superior, An aspiring scientist is revived back into the land of the living by a mysterious being. With a new purpose given to him by his savior, and continuous corruption tearing away at his heart. He hopes to right the wrongs committed against him and find a new purpose to open his heart once more.

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    Good novel

    2022-08-11 15:47:09
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94 chapters
Two army's faced off against one another, monstrous beings tearing each other apart without any regard for the land around them. A scene that could only be described as a nightmare to anyone witnessing it. Blood dripped and splattered out as the fight raged. And as the battle continued, a single figure stood out from the pack. Raising its head high, It howled into the night as the moon casts its rays upon the divine beast. Fortunately, Rio was not just witnessing this scene, He was living it. Sitting down on the pile of blood and bones as he watched the madness unfold in front of him, he reminiscenced about what led him to this moment. He thought back to the day he first came to the organization, thinking that this was going to be a simple job. He would come in, Work and get out. He'd spent many years serving the organization, doing just that until one fateful day. Rio Tanajo had worked under another researcher for years who was pining for a higher position in the company. Rio nev
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Making New Ground
Rio looks around the room searching for anything resembling an exit. Looking back and forth around the room, there didn't seem to be any form of an exit. This was until Rio noticed a suspicious wall. Looking at it closely, it seemed to be the backside of a large bookcase. Rio can see a small lever hang on the side of the book case just out of reach. His new body is too small to reach the lever and his hooves don't help much in terms of climbing. Pondering what to do, Rio remembers what was given to him. "Get over here and pull this." He thinks as the hooded figure approaches the bookcase and pulls the lever. "This feels kind of weird but having someone do whatever I tell them could be pretty nice." With the lever pulled, the bookcase vibrates a bit before sliding to the side revealing a staircase leading upwards. "I guess this is my ticket out" Rio makes his way up the stairs and into a small dilapidated church. There's nothing of much interest inside. Everything looks as i
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The Rain
Rio wakes to the sound of banging coming from outside the hut. He jumps to his feet, almost falling off of the bed. "What is it?" the servant asks, rushing over to the door. "It's me," says a familiar voice. It sounds like the old man. The banging continues and Rio looks under the doorway revealing a pair of feet. Rio looks towards his servant with an angered expression. "Ugh, You can't even kill a weak old man!" He rages in his mind. "Just let him in already." Rio's servant bows his head to Rio and lets the old man in while Rio hides behind the door. Upon entering the room, The old man stares quietly at Rio's servant, eyeing him up and down. Rio notices this and gets a bad feeling. The old man remains silent, simply walking around the room, When suddenly his body begins to tremble. His mouth opens wide as Rio can see teeth forming inside. Turning to face the servant once more the old man's eyes flare up. Before Rio could think, the old man pounces on top of his servant, pin
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Jumping out from the chest of an anomaly, Rio landed upon a mass of water. The water had risen so much that the streets were submerged and his small body would soon have to begin swimming through it. It had been 10 days since the start of the event and Rio could feel it. Every part of his body was sore and he was exhausted. For every one he took down, there were always two more to take their place. Although his stamina was naturally high in his current body, He still felt his legs shaking just from standing. Just as he thought that he could rest, He could see more anomalies rising from the waves. Rio had spent some time observing the anomalies within this event for a while. His curiosity to discover the mysteries within the town was far too great and he couldn't help but experiment as much as possible with this once in a lifetime opportunity. During his experiment he discovered that the town had a sort of hard reset. The new entities that take over appeared to have formed th
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Slip of The Paw
Rio carefully considered which choice would be best for him. All of them seemed to have great potential for him to become a stronger monster aside from the Pomeranian. The Berserker would have been an obvious choice but the downside was heavy. He would be able to gain more power along with a much larger body to handle his opponents easier. But on the other hand, His new appearance would definitely not go unnoticed and with his larger body, It would be far too easy to track him if he was ever spotted. The cat seemed to be a good choice. Although, he wasn't sure how well it would fit with his current abilities. Along with being uncertain on what the class Fencer really implied. Then there was the Influencer. To be honest, he wasn't too sure how this class would benefit him. It looked even weaker and smaller than he was currently. The only positive note was that its appearance was the closest to a normal dog. After waving his options, Rio decides that the best choice would be the Fe
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Goodbye Clear Water
"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" The operative begins to question Zack about what is happening in the house. Trying to keep calm, Rio orders Zack to answer his questions as if he was just arriving home. "I just got home and saw this man lying here." Zack answered. Vector keeps his guard up as he peeks at the body laying on the ground. He quickly notices the robes and steps into the room. Putting his gun up to Zack's head, Vector tells him to back up against the wall and face away. He still hadn't noticed Rio standing below him. Waddling to the backside of Vector He activates his domination. The ability activates with no problems as the pink aura appears around Vector's feet. After Zack faces the wall, Vector approaches the body of the dead man and takes a look at his boots. Holding an image up to the boots sole, he compares the two before bringing his hand up to his ear. "Vector to HQ, I've found the surviving serpents hand member within Clear water. Unfortunately, w
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A Small Mishap
As the sun begins to set, Rio notices Vector is becoming more and more tired. Rio attempts to order him to stay awake but he is unaffected. "I guess even my servants need to tend to their needs as well." Vector begins to fall asleep in the driver's seat as the SUV veers off of the dirt path. Rio panics and quickly summons Zack to take the wheel. Zack takes over for Vector as he is placed into the void. The SUV manages to get back onto the road but not without problem. Zack slams his foot down onto the gas pedal causing the car to speed through the narrow path. Rio's face is in shock, forgetting to tell Zack to stop as the car begins to approach a sharp turn. "Slow down you fool!" Rio curses in his mind at Zack's lack of driving skills. Hearing the command, Zack takes his foot off of the gas and begins to look disturbed. "I said to slow down!" "Zack continues to fumble around before turning to Rio with tears in his eyes." "Oh my god. We're going to crash. If I don't do an
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Castle Jeremy
Entering through a large set of arched doors the thin creature carries Rio into a large room. "Let me go!" Rio shouts in his mind activating his influence. The creature releases his grasp to Rio's satisfaction. That feeling doesn't last long as another creature picks him up and continues the journey through the castle. "Aw come on!" Rio attempts one more time to use his influence but as soon as he does, the previous creature snaps out of the trance and resumes the cycle. He eventually decides that it would be better for him to just summon one of his servants. He attempts to pull one of them into his reserves when an unfortunate message appears in his mind. "Reserve failed. Servant is outside of your range" "..." "you have got to be joking. Why would you give me a limit? Aren't I supposed to be the strongest!" "Don't take that tone with me. You should be grateful. There are not many entities as great as I that can grant you a new life. You got yourself in this mess. Don't tr
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Watching the door close behind them, Rio activates his influence and sends a suggestion to the remaining chalk creature. "You don't need to report on the happenings of this room. just ignore everything and take a break." Upon receiving the suggestion, the creature sits down and flattens itself onto the ground. "Good, now I just need to get us out of here." Activating his reserves, Rio pulls everyone into the void and re-summons them outside of their cells. Before Rio can even think, Zack scoops him up and hugs him with thankful eyes. Rio is surprised for a moment at the sudden gratitude. He had always assumed that his servants would simply lack all emotion. Looking towards the other two, he notices Jeremy pouting by himself while Vector stares at the two of them while shaking his head. "Well, that's a bit interesting. Deciding to test his new discovery later Rio puts his mind to more important matters. He begins thinking of a way to handle all of the creatures inside the ca
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Big Ideas
Rio stops pacing and turns towards Vector. He looks towards his side holster, noticing the handgun. He knew that the gun was ineffective on the creatures and even if it was, It would be far too difficult to land a shot on their thin outlines. Rio was instead interested in another property of the gun. If he could tamper with the weapon a bit he knew he could force the gun to explode. It wouldn't be big but it should suffice against the creature in front of them. Rio has Vector take the gun out of the holster and draw the hammer back. He then places the barrel on the ground and begins slamming it repeatedly against the ground. The creature is still battling Zack and has stopped paying attention to anyone else, ignoring the sounds coming from its rear. In the span of a few seconds, the barrel is completely bent and shattered. Rio pulls it from the ground and begins inspecting it. "This is perfect. Now we just need to add a bit more oomph, don't you think?" Rio asked, looking to
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