Chapter 9 - Reveal

"It's cruel…"

As the figure shrouded in darkness thrust his blade into the heart of his enemy, he smiled slightly and let out his raspy voice under his breath. 

"It's necessary." 

The clouds in the night sky began to disperse, while the howling of the beast in the distance painted the scenery in my eyes with a bitter regret. 

"Such a thing… Why did they do this… All of this..." 

Shifting his scarlet, glimmering gaze upon me, the figure dispelled his smile and said in a stern tone. Cold, sharp anger could be felt within his voice as his words laced with disgust. 

"Because it's a hunt. They saw it as a way to seek for resources. But these hunts… I'll pay it to them tenfold."

          -Page 25, Chapter 5. Journey to the myth by George J. Northtooth. 



Feeling the time around her slowed down as her mind couldn't register the scene before her, Elizabeth subconsciously gaped her mouth in shock and surprise. 

To her horror, there weren't any winds whatsoever for the feat to be accessible by itself. Of course there wouldn't be any wind around. It was inside a building and her window was shut tight. For such a thing to happen… 

With a faint click, at last, the door closed by itself and locked automatically assuming if someone had trapped her within the room. Still dumbfounded, Elizabeth mumbled the word 'Eh' under her breath as she was about to reach out for the doorknob and see if there were any tricks whatsoever hidden in it. 

But before long, an unprecedented event happened. In the blink of an eye, she found the door in front of her going farther away from her vision, while her body felt so light in a very brief moment. 

She wasn’t fast enough to register what had happened, a sudden jolt of pain had emerged from her back and spread through her whole body, as her lips let out a small gasp of air. Her face was wrapped in full shock while the gravity finally pulled her down, slamming her body to the hard, cold floor. 

A second later, she knew that she was blown away from the door and hit the walls of her room. But the barrage of questions flowed in her mind, with the majority of them asking herself how that kind of thing could happen. 

In short notice, before she could react to the abrupt turn of events, another followed by a flying book from her desk had aimed itself at her head. In her moment of lapse, the book struck the side of her forehead and made her balance wobble slightly. 


Then another invisible force slammed her onto another side of the wall. Another gasp of pain leaked out of her lips, while her eyes widened subconsciously. 

Her heartbeats rate started to get faster as the tension of the atmosphere pricked her skin. She couldn't understand it, everything that had happened. But she knows she has to do something, less the consequences would be too much for her to bear. 


In her disoriented state, all that she could think of was how to survive. She needs to get away from this place and recall the details later. For now, the gloomy atmosphere within the room had instilled a faint fear upon her heart. 

Before she could act on running away, a flash of blinding light appeared around her neck. Squinting her eyes greatly to withstand the sudden unbearable brilliance, her hands moved instinctually and covered her gaze from her neck. 

"O.. O… O… Ooohh!!!" 

An unholy shriek echoed throughout the room, it was a hoarse, begrudged voice full of anger that seemed inhumane. It did however resemble that of a man. Yet, this was the very first time Elizabeth ever heard of this voice and never had any recollection of the identity of who had screamed out loud in her room at this moment. 

A few breaths later, cracking noises could be heard from her neck. And in the next instant, someone's hand had grasped her neck and lifted her up while her back was facing the wall. 

The lamp in her room bursted out of nowhere and let the darkness engulf the area. Without any more shackles in its way, the being finally materialized under the cover of the shadows. 

With only the dim lighting from the moonlight inside of the pitch black darkness, Elizabeth struggled to see the visage of her attacker. Within the silence and tranquility of the room, only the faint noise of her breath being strangled was audible. 

Slowly, Elizabeth could figure out the indistinct features of the person in front of her. Although he seemed to be a human male, with height similar to her, the faint crooked lines on his face told Elizabeth that his visage was a sight to behold. 

Not to mention, a faint putrid stench had drifted off of him. His skin was as pale as a paper, with no sign of life seen on it. His sharpened claws could be felt brushing on her neck, gently cutting through her skin and leaving several shallow cuts. 

"W.. Who.. Ar..e y-you?..." Asked Elizabeth with difficulty, while her vision began to blur and out of focus. 

Opening his dry, chapped lips, the figure let out a chuckle while his eyes glinted in excitement. Even though he had to pay a quite hefty price to break through, it made a quite satisfying result. 

In his delighted mood, the figure responded in a murmur. Though faint, their distance was close enough for both of them to hear the words that came out of his mouth. 


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