The next King

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The next King

By: Fortune Onyekwelu OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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In the kingdom of Cistra, the knights were people selected from birth. Each born with a magical crest that signifies the natural element they can adapt to. They were normally born into noble families and traditionally run in the families blood. There were four crests for each of the four major elements and each person was born with one. The members of the royal family were specially born with two crests, consisting of an element and it's natural assistant element. In the third year of the reign of King Galliard, a famous soccerer rises from where he had been sealed for one thousand years and now poses a threat to the kingdom. At the same time, a peasant boy abnormally born with four of the magical crests reveals himself and is taken into special training by the royal family in order to defeat the evil sorcerer.

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Chapter 1
It was morning and Prince Luchigan the third son of King Galliard had led the hunt team to the woods to catch some game. He was a very good fighter but contemptible when it came to hunting. His fighting skills seemed like they were naturally embedded into him, and so he wanted to focus all his effort on becoming a good hunter too. The castle was so graceful that morning as always. They rode out when the morning haze was still thick. The sun hadn't woken up yet and the moon was vaguely seen. A team of eleven men, all on brown and black horses. Hunting was the only thing which made Luchigan ride on a horse which wasn't his spotless white stallion, whom he named after its own spotless nature. It seemed the horse knew its name was ‘spotless’. And the prince treated him as such. It took them thirteen minutes to get to the hunting spot from the gate of the kingdom. "That was pretty fast," said sir Gertrude. He was the eldest person in the team and the king had put him in
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Chapter 2
The next morning, Luchigan went to the dungeon to visit the boy he had caught in the woods. "I guess the hunter later turned to be the hunted," he teased him. "What sort of untrained prince are you? Starting a conversation without introducing yourself or asking of my name," the boy fired at him. The prince looked curiously at him, "wow! You don't look anything like nobility, but that's some real noble words coming from you. My apologies, boy. I'm prince Luchigan, third son of King Galliard, the best fighter in the whole of Cistra and the ladies man of the kingdom." The prince flung his long curly hairs and continued, "you are?" "I am Regis, a hunter and a protector of my little clan which is outside the walls of your kingdom," said the boy. "Regis, eh? Nice name you've got!" the prince smiled, "now could you tell me why you wanted to assassinate me." "I didn't know a dummy like you could be chosen for a prince," said Regis, turning his face away from the handsom
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Chapter 3
Luchigan was seven years older than Regis, who had turned seventeen the previous year. "Dad! The spoilt brat I brought as a prisoner... I want to challenge him," Luchigan reported to his father. “There's no need for that. You've already conquer him once," king Galliard said, "or was your winning not honourable?" "It was. But I want to beat him at his own game. He thinks he can hunt better than me," Luchigan said. "There's no need for that! He's a traitor for attacking you and we have to be very careful dealing with him," his father said. Luchigan left his father alone and went to visit his girlfriend, Marie, a peasant whom he loved secretly. "My love, don't be mad at him. He's only but a young boy. He hasn't experienced the spoils of war. There's no comparison between you and him. He's still far from getting to where you are," Marie said to him as she gradually rubbed her hand on his shoulder. She was giving him a massage to calm him down. Whenever he vi
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Chapter 4
The next morning, Regis returned to the city and submitted himself to them again. Chrollo was surprised. He had seen when Regis was escaping but didn't bother stopping him since he too had sensed the danger. "You're welcome to prison again," Chrollo said to him. After having Regis locked up again, Chrollo went to Regis' little village to find out what he had defended it from. To his greatest surprise, the head of seven werewolves were freshly hung on stakes in the center of the village. "Who did this?" he asked. But no one seemed willing to answer. They knew who he was and how powerful but it seemed they had greater respect for the cause of protecting the identity of their fighter. "You don't need to tell me," he smiled, "I have him already." He rode off, back to his kingdom to inquire from Regis himself, how he was able to handle the threat of a hundred men. When Chrollo returned to Regis' cell, he came dressed in casual wears. "I'm intrigued," he sa
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Chapter 5
The next day, King Galliard's advisor told him about the annual fighting contest of the kingdom. But the king was really bothered by the threat at hand. Whenever he got nervous he does some crazy things. He decided to execute three criminals among whom Regis was included. When the guard at Regis' cell heard that he'd be executed, he felt pity for him. Luchigan got the news too and went to confront his father. "Father, I haven't even got to interrogate him," Luchigan said. "There's no need. He tried to kill you," his father replied him. They were at the table having breakfast and Luchigan had just come back from his secret place. He had heard the news on his way home and decided to run back home to know why. "But we could obtain some information from him," Luchi defended, "he's not that tough." "He could be of use to us, father," Chrollo said. "Yes!" Luchi backed him up. "We have to dispose of threats as soon as we find them. That should be a common reason
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Chapter six
Chrollo walked out of the dungeon where Regis was locked heading straight to the king's chambers to tell him of the proposal he made to Regis which he accepted without a flinch. Prince Luchi ran after him and he called out to him " Chrollo! why make such a hasty and veil decision? There's no way he could defeat a fire cyclop all on his own" Chrollo chuckled " but I thought you hated him Luchi, why are you acting all soft all of a sudden? Or have you got a soft spot for the kid?" "You are not getting my point Chrollo, this is just too much for a peasant like him. You are leading him staright to his grave and besides I don't care about him" Luchi replied to Chrollo who was still walking straight to the King's chambers. "There's something special about that kid and I could feel it, someone who was able to defeat seven werewolves alone is someone we should attach more attention to. Don't you think Luchi?" " I know of this Chrollo, I know the werewolves
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Chapter seven
The King was quite a clown when he gets some alone time with his boys but whenever it was time for business he becomes so extremely disciplined that it becomes contagious to the people around him. The King was born naturally with both the earth and fire crest which meant that he was a magma magic user but he later discovered one more crest which was the wind crest, so the King was a wielder of three crests. His beautiful wife, the Queen had both the wind and water crest which meant that she was a storm magic user. Bran the first son of King Gilliard took over his dad's crest, he had both the earth and fire crest and just like his dad he uses the magma magic. Chrollo the second son of King Gilliard, the calm and collected of them all was calculative just like his mother the Queen, no wonder why he had the same crest of wind and water just like her. He uses the storm magic. Luchigan the last son and child of King Gilliard had this possessive crest of wind and
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Chapter 8
"Well I don't know a lot about this but I feel this commoner should be treated with a lot of caution. The look of seriousness I saw in Chrollos eyes shows the extent of this issue at hand" she replied to King Gilliard who just left the balcony to return back to his mattress to cuddle his wife. " I am so glad I made the choice of marrying such a smart woman" He kissed her forehead as they both laid down on the King size mattress. "Chrollo, I now understand why you are trying to find out about Regis's ability but what if he doesn't live up to this much that you're expecting from him" Luchigan asked Chrollo as they were both walking through the hallway that led out of the King's chambers. "That really shouldn't be your concern now, you should be focused on the knighthood ceremony that's quick approaching. I know you are tired of Gertrude babysitting you and the only way you can stop it is if and only if you upgrade from a level B knight to a level A knight. Bran
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Chapter 9
"The time for jokes are over Regis" Chrollo kept a stern face as he looked towards the direction of Regis. Chrollo had this level of seriousness in him when he's down to business and Regis kept quiet immediately all he could say was it's an honour to hear my name from the mouth of the great Prince of Cistra" "But I have said your name before more than twenty times and still no little atom of respect from a peasant like you" Luchigan fumed. "It's not my fault that I don't see you as loyalty Luchi, try to act like one instead of you to steal the glory of the game I caught that other time" Regis replied. Immediately after Regis just said this, Luchigan snapped and he pulled out his sword and within a split second he melted the prison steel bar and he pinned Regis by his neck to the wall with his left hand and he was about striking him with his sword and Chrollo had to butt in one more time and he held the hand of Luchigan before the sword could conn
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Chapter 10
" I missed you a lot Luchi" Marie said as she hugged and caressed Luchigan with her soft bossoms. "I miss you too Marie" Luchigan said as he hugged her too. " You didn't say like you mean it Luchi, you are looking all worried. Please share your burden with me Luchi so I can be of help to you . You know I can easily tell when you are sad or not just by looking at your baby like face ohhh my handsome prince. So please tell me what's wrong" Marie said as she placed her right hand on the cheek of Luchigan while she held his hand with her left hand. "That is why I love you so much Marie, I don't need to open my mouth to tell you that I am troubled but you always find a way to see through me just by looking at my face. Well please have a sit my lady, I need to pour out my burden and I feel you are the best person that could be of help to me at this moment " Luchigan tapped his laps as he told Marie to sit on his laps. Marie sat on his laps and Luch
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