The Escape Room

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The Escape Room

By: Tiara Cold OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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It was supposed to be a historical fact field trip for class three, grade twelve students but it turned out to be a nightmare adventure for them. They had to find means of survival when their classmate started dropping dead, one after the other. Who will escape the escape room?

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    I love the start of the book. keep it up.

    2022-12-27 22:12:22
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9 chapters
Day 61
Unknown Point Of View"What day is it?" He asked, using a stick to beat a rock lightly out of frustration. But he isn't as frustrated as I am."Day hundred?" Milicent replied with a doubt."No! It isn't!" A voice said from the crowd."Then what day is it?" I asked yelling. My voice, carrying the anger I was hiding from my face."I think two hundred!" The voice exclaimed and all heads turned to her direction."You say what?" Charlotte asked, surprised."What has day got to do with our situation? It won't solve anything and instead will keep on increasing if we don't act fast. Who knows what before us now!" Eunice exclaimed. That got everybody and she was right, we don't know what we will face when we take the next few steps. "Let us all stay prepared and alert, something might appear from anywhere, you know that right?" The timid girl said, now she has something to talk to the group about. It isn't her fault."As always!" The big guy in our midst yelled from the back."This is a daily
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Ulric's Point Of View"Oh my God!" "Where is he?""Andrew!" We were all calling out to him."What happened? He was here one minute and he wasn't the next minute," I asked Joyce, she seems terrified. Visible shaking!"I don't know," she replied before she started crying."I was just talking to him when he lost it and started walking away when he stop suddenly and started looking to his left and right, gripping hard to his sword then he tripped and fall then boom, he was swept off," she explained still crying while my eyes survey our environment for the creature I saw earlier."I should have paid more attention to what he was looking at than at him or instead quickly try to help him when he fell," she complained."You did your best, Joyce! You can't blame yourself or anybody for anybody's death here," I consoled her but it wasn't working."It's fine! It's going to be fine! It will," I said reassuring her but more to myself."Guys!" Saya screamed, startling all of us but I knew where it
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Ulric's Point Of View"Maya!""Clark?""Maya Clark?""Maya Clark!""Mas!!!" Kunl yelled, surpassing our voices."We could have just pass the bush instead of here, we don't know what we might face here! What if those shadow creatures reside here? You see how one of them stood before the stream the other time," Milicent emphasized."Then you shouldn't have come in anyway," Mia yelled but she was facing the other direction. What is she playing?"Are you talking to me?" Milicent called out to her, getting upset."Miss, can you just shut your trap and focus on the damned mission?" Mia questioned still looking at the other side."You are obviously not talking to me," Milicent said."Who is the rat making noise?" Mia questioned before turning to look at her."What?" Asked Millicent. These two shouldn't have been chosen in anywhere, Mia should have been left behind but everyone was visible trying to avoid being called out by Saya. If Milicent had stayed back, obviously Amy will chop her head
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Ulric's Point Of View"Ya! Ya! It's timeeeee!" The usual alarm my mom refused to change came screaming into my ear. I haven't still gotten used to it after four years!"Ugh!" I groaned as I got out of bed and shut the brat up. "Not your fault!" "Ulric!" Someone yelled before barging into my room."Haven't you learnt to knock yet?" I asked without turning to the intruder or intruders."Good morning!""Good morning!" In a singy tone."Ya! Same to yous, now get out of my room," I said finally turning to them."Yous? There is nothing like yous!" Ulrika said, as expected."He meant you with a s which is supposed to stand for the plural form of you," Ultan explained."Ohh!""Don't make me explain again, you heard me right?" He said to her."Yes, sir!" She yelled, saluting to him."Whatever! Leave my room, now!" I yelled pushing them by the heads out of my room before slamming the door to their faces.They kept knock as I walked into the bathroom to have a quick shower after which I threw m
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The D-day!
Ulric's Point Of View"I'm skeptical about this said field trip and your dad," my mom said with worry all over her face."It's fine, Mom! It's going to be fine!" I reassured my mom, patting her lightly on the shoulder."We are going to miss you, Ulric!" Ulrika and Ultan said simultaneously from the back where they were sitting."Awwn! I will miss you guys too and your unnecessary troubles but I surely will be back by tomorrow evening, latest. So don't miss me too much," I said to them before ruffling their hair. "Then who will play video games with us? We have nobody to do that with us," Ultan asked. "Oh, you can always ask Ultima to help you," I said to them."I have to go now," I announced. I could see people filing in one after the other with their camping bags. "Be safe baby boy and always remember we love you," Mum said looking concerned. What's wrong? I'm worried because my mom's gut feelings are becoming more serious."Of course I know this and what's with all this talk like
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We are doomed
Ulric's point of view 'DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!' Kept echoing in the cave as we all stood in pitch darkness. Someone was screaming from afar. What just happened? "So guys, I will love to commend you guys for a job well done, you all took the storm by the head and I am quite surprised by some, like Andrew. Who would have thought that Andrew the great Andrew will help? That's surprising but all the same thanks for being a help in needful time," Teach Carolina said. We were standing in front of the said cave, by the front of the door where its stones appear different from the rest of the body. I was just taken away by the pattern of the stones on the wall of the cave, it looked like it was drawn or carved by someone or some people. "Hey!" Andrew called out to me, hitting me by the side. "What?" I snapped, he just pulled me from my world. "Are you even listening?" Jack asked me as I stared at a particular pattern on the wall. It was so mesmerizing, the pattern was all linked to one an
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Day One
Ulric's point of view One thing I know for a fact is, it will be hard surviving this place because why the hell will she just die? She was fine when we came, totally fine! But now, she isn't moving anymore nor breathing. Her friends aren’t helping matters, we have been trying to revive her for the past ten minutes, no response, no pulse, no heart movement. "She is dead!" Elian announced for the umpteenth time today. He isn’t helping matters either. "We get man! We get it, so please just shut up," Jack shouted at him from where he was sitting criss crossed, beside me. It sounded far off. Weird! For some reasons best unknown to me, I wasn’t just motivated to move from where I was and do anything, even to preserve my image. "Come on man, don't say that," I warned, using the noisy background to my favour. "Don't, please!" He came off harshly. "Hartley! Please!" There was a loud piercing cry. This definitely broke the Ey girls' heart, I haven't seen them this distraught since I knew
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Behind the door
Ulric’s Point Of View "What time?" "Time to wait and see!" She announced. "See what?" Her sister asked her. "Why are you interrogating me? You just wait and see," she said. "Day one? Are we going to be here for long?" Lucy asked. Mia's words had finally caught her attention and made her voice out. "We don't know, baby girl but there is a possibility seeing that the door hasn't been opened by now. How long have we been locked in here?" She asked, suddenly sitting up and looking at everyone in an expectant manner. "Probably two hours?" Chris interjected. "Two hours?" Some of them chorused. "I think it took more than two hours," Mia said, lying back on the ground. She definitely is shameless to lie on the bare ground. "Why did you say that?" Saya asked. "When the door shut initially, there was a space out. I felt I zoom out but realisation came and everyone sort for light and the rest," she explained. She also felt what I felt. "Then we don't have to be here!" Maya announced.
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Who is missing?
Ulric’s Point Of View “Hell no!” "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" Charlotte cried. Everybody was saying one or two things as they realised that we were fucked up. There was no returning door, we couldn't go back to where we were a while ago, it hadn't even been up to five minutes. We don't even know where we are anymore, this might look like we are standing in what someone might call the entrance to the woods but this isn't normal. This isn't supposed to be, how can the woods be in a cave? This defies all odds, scientifically, physically, and so on or maybe not mentally because our minds can be playing games with us now and we might not know. But I'm not surprised because this cave has been full of shitty wonders since I stepped or rather set my eyes in this cave, from the first day this trip was announced. "Why did you drag me here? Why did you pull me with you? Just why?" I heard someone cry bitterly, hitting someone on the chest. Oh! It was the Justal couple, Justin and C
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