Darkness Overruling

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Darkness Overruling

By: Georgies OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Damien Smith, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith goes through hell in his own father's house at the hands of his stepmother, Nora Lynn. Damien leaves the house and returns as a successful man, he avenges the cruelty Nora showed to him and his family.

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    so far so good

    2022-10-23 05:14:29
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24 chapters
You'll regret this
" Gary you can't do this to me! This is becoming too much for me to handle" Pheona pleaded with tears in her eyes. Gary looked at her with an expressionless face. Gary Smith is bent on marrying his mistress, Nora Lynn and there's nothing anyone can do to change his mind not even Pheona, his legally wedded wife. Pheona cried and pleaded with Gary not to go on with the decision he has taken as it will shatter their family. Damien walked towards his parents' room as he heard sobs coming from there. He got there and to his surprise, he saw his father shouting at his mother looking pissed. "I'm marrying Nora whether you like it or not. It's not like I need your approval to do anything"Gary spat. Damien was beyond shocked when he heard his father's confession. He has always known that Nora was up to no good the first time he saw her with his dad. "Dad!!!", Tell me it's a joke" Damien yelled. "We don't need that slut in our house!" Damien went on enraged by his father's decision. Gar
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Are you happy now?
Damien and Gracie rushed Pheona to the hospital, and she was taken into the emergency room. Damien stood behind the door crying uncontrollably, Gracie called both Gabriel and Queenster to the hospital. Minutes later, Queenster got to the hospital already crying. Gracie explained to them from when she left home to the market, and she came to meet her lying on the floor. They tried to call Mr. Smith, but he wasn't answering, they gave up and just waited outside. Suddenly they saw a stretcher move past them speedily with Gabriel lying on it covered in blood. They rushed to stop the nurses and inquired what is happening. " A truck run into him" the nurses explained and rushed him into the operation theater. They lost all hope and could do nothing but wait for feedback. Pheona was given shocks, but it was too late, and she couldn't make it. The nurses covered her up as the doctor came out looking composed in order not to scare them too much as she saw they were all kids except for th
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A taste of her own medicine
***Five years later*** A man dressed in all black is standing in an office that almost looked like a room considering how it has been endowed. He was staring at the scenery of the city since his office is made of glass and as such he's privileged to see everything going on outside. He was lost in his thoughts staring outside with this cold aura that's always around wherever he's present. "Sir, you called for me." Marisa, his assistant said. "What's my schedule for the day?" he asked coldly. "You have a meeting with the board members, another meeting with the Smiths cooperation and the chairwoman of the Smiths Cooperation invited you for a dinner. That's all Sir" she replied, stealing glances at him now and then. She had a crush on her boss the very day she stepped foot in the Dream company. She has tried to make him notice her but all her efforts went down the drain. She wonders if he is made of stone, and he never shows any emotion, he's always looking cold and expressionless.
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Just die already!
***Damien's residence*** "Damien, are you not going to work today?" Gracie knocked on his door. He grumpily woke up and opened the door for her. "Don't tell me you've been sleeping all along" she scolded "Good morning" he greeted. Gracie nodded her head and began putting the place in order. He went into the bathroom and did his business, he came out and dressed for work. He went downstairs and met his breakfast already served, he ate and kissed her goodbye. Gracie sighed as she watched his car drive off, she missed the once jovial Damien she knew. She hoped one day she will see him smile genuinely and do away with the scary look he puts on always. ***Smiths Cooperation*** In Nora's office, Lawrence is seated with her as they planned on how to go about the deal and the profit share each company is going to gain. They concluded everything and just as Lawrence made to leave, she insisted on seeing him off. "You stood me up last night, Mr. Lawrence," she said calmly "I had other
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Have I been cursed or something?
"Hey man, what's up?"Lawrence paused as he saw tears in his eyes coming into Damien's office. He gently closed the door and pulled a chair to sit on. "Damien, what's wrong? Did something happen? Why are you like this all of a sudden?"Lawrence said with a concerned look"Lawrence, I feel empty right now I don't know how to express myself at this point," he said smiling sadly, as tears of joy kept running down his cheeks."Are you feeling sick? Do you want me to take you to the hospital? Talk to me, you're making me feel restless with you looking like this" Lawrence said looking worried"I'm fine Lawrence, stop nagging like a pregnant woman" Damien chuckled, wiping the traces of tears on his face. Lawrence just stared at him with a confused look. Damien burst into laughter when he saw the look on Lawrence's face which shocked Lawrence because Damien he knows hardly laughs. When Damien's laugh subsided, Lawrence glared at him giving him the"start talking" kind of look. Damien raised hi
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This is getting too much
***Dream company***Damien is sitting in his office, with loads of files piled on his table. He is seriously working on the important files so as not to leave loads of work behind as he's preparing to go to the States.He had a look of exhaustion visible on his face but he kept working on the files one after the other, sipping on the coffee on his table from time to time. Lawrence walked in and looked at Damien with pity, he looked at the half-dead man sitting in the CEO's seat who still had a determined expression on his face."Com'on Damien, do you want to die young? Why are you choking yourself with so much work? " Lawrence said concerned about his friend's state. Damien almost looked pale, as though he had been sick for weeks."I've got to finish this little work today. I don't want any office work distracting me while I'm away." Damien muttered tiredly"That doesn't imply you kill yourself with work. You call this mountain you have on your table a little work? I bet even before
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A wonderful sight to behold
***Dream company***Damien just finished working on the files, he ordered his lunch to be brought to his office just like always. He has never been to the cafeteria in the company before, he always eats in his office and only one person is allowed to do so, his assistant, Marissa."Sir, please your food is here" Marissa knocked"Bring it in," Damien said in his usual cold voiceMarissa went in and dropped the food, she looked at tired looking Damien and felt sorry for him. She wished she could do something to relieve him, but this scary Boss of hers is making it hard to even allow her to try for once.Damien felt her eyes still on him and looked up from the food he is eating. "Why are you still here?" he snapped"Nothing Sir, I'm sorry," she said embarrassed by her act, and left the office immediatelyShe didn't realize she had been staring too much, and like always she embarrassed herself in front of him once again. She stomped her feet on the floor angrily and left for the cafeteri
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Please stay with him always
Damien packed all the files and dropped them in his drawer, he cleared his table and put the place in order. He left his office, locked it, and headed outside the company. He got to his car and met Lawrence leaning on his car with a long face."What is the problem? Why the long face?"Damien asked"Why would you make that shameless thing in charge during your absence," Lawrence said with a frownHe was not in support of Damien putting Marissa in charge of the company, he felt this temporal position will get into her head and she'll begin to start misbehaving and treating her colleagues badly."Is that why you are wearing that long face? Who did you expect me to hand the place to? She's my assistant, Lawrence and I can't do anything about it." Damien said"I understand she's your assistant, but that lady is full of wickedness" Lawrence scoffed"Lawrence are you sure this is not about something else? Because you're taking this too far, or did she do anything to you?" Damien asked since h
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A trip to find his sister
Gracie prepared to go visit Gary as usual, although he had not been so good to them in the past, she still had some pity for him when she learned about his illness. She got ready and left the house for the hospital. ** At the airport** Damien and Lawrence walked in and sat down waiting for the departure of the plane. "Good morning. This is an announcement for all passengers traveling on the 9:30 flight TOM 1223 to the States. This flight is delayed by 5 minutes due to some inconvenience" They heard someone announce, Lawrence, laughed lightly as he studied Damien's face when the announcement was made. Damien looked disturbed by all the waiting they are doing. "Would all passengers traveling to the States on flight FR3421 please have your boarding passes and passports ready for boarding. Flight FR3421 now boarding at gate 21." The announcement came again and Damien sighed in relief "This is the final boarding call for passengers Gemma and Ryan Grey flying to Athens on flight EZ9
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She is our main target
The plane landed and Damien tapped Lawrence who had been sleeping all this while, he had been talking non-stop ever since they got on the plane, and he was relieved when he saw him sleeping at last** At the airport, in the States***"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We have landed at JFK airport in the States where the local time is 18:30 and the temperature is 76º. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with Italy Airlines this evening and wish you a very safe journey to your final destination."The final announcement for the landing of the plane came, as the passengers began descending one after the other. Damien and Lawrence were part of the numerous people who got down, they took their luggage and headed out of the airport.Damien brought out his phone and called Gracie but there was no answer, he kept calling till he got tired, he then decided to leave a message for his safe landing in the States.They got a cab which took them to a hotel where they lodged for the time being.
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