Blood Poison
Lith Continent, Hell


A river of blood flowed constantly on the floor. Bodies burned every after a demon’s life had been ceased by the hands of the Death Harbinger. Every demon fought, not for the entertainment of many, but for their lives.

Lust had given each one of them the power to conquer fear and even a little bit of strength and speed surpassing the normal demonoids. But Dreygo had immense power over them like they were ants on the ground ready for stomping.

They stood no chance. They did not even scar the Death Harbinger with all the weapons they carry and the size of the opposing army. Everyone knew that the Harbinger has the upper hand but firing up the warriors with Lust's power made the event more amusing. The Harbinger used his claws and sword alternately, portraying more on their insignificance, like clueless mannequins ready for slaughter.

Surrender was never an option for these demons. Only the forced intent to continue fighting until their deaths, compelled by
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