Buratia's Welcome
Buratia, Northern Continent, Earth


A five-day ride gave Dreygo a little bit of amusement as he trained his eyes not only to the scenery of interstate travels by land, but also to the undisputedly beautiful Elaine who sat at the back seat beside him. Officer Sho and Elaine had alternate turns in driving as to give time the other to rest. It was Sho’s turn to drive and Elaine had slept with her head on a pillow against the right-side passenger door.

Her porcelain and pale skin had urged Dreygo to look frequently as she wore only skimpy shorts and a loose shirt. Viriel was with them along the ride as to protect from the possible Demon Lord attack which was hunting them since Tsi Luen.

They entered the outskirts of Buratian country, heaved with white-trunked trees in which scarcely showing the shackled houses built alongside the interstate roads. The people there were practically scared, plastered in their faces, from the brutal and unmerciful military force that dominated the coun
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