Most Fearsome
Buratia Outskirts, Northern Continents, Earth


Startled, every military officer in the outpost also raised their guns toward the group. Sho, Dreygo, Viriel, and Elaine, raised their hands in the air. Dreygo’s heart started to thump hard, not for his safety but for Elaine’s. Heavy perspiration had loomed on his forehead, leaking down to his cheeks. Even with the cold wind, he felt wary and agitated. He was ready to attack them, planning to snap their necks instantly to give them no time for retaliation.

He replayed several scenarios in his mind and the urge was strong to execute. But Viriel had somewhat been communicating in his mind, calming him, battling the demon to stay still and let the angel do the talking instead.

No deaths. No harm. Easy.

Suddenly, deep within his consciousness, he sensed a demonic presence. It was not one of the military officers, that was for sure. But Dreygo could not shake the familiarity of the aura that it was a demon. Stronger than humanoid demons
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