Death Sword
Tengzu, Cheena, Earth


‘I am going to die!’ His thoughts rushed to his death.

He saw the assassin take a few more steps back to clear himself from the blast radius. Any second now, the knife will blow and will turn him into bits of pieces, a slab of meat. Dreygo closed his eyes and surrendered.


A gunshot loomed.

He opened his eyes but to his surprise, the explosion did not come. To his discovery, the knife was already destroyed. It was not his doing and he found Elaine was down the stairs and shot the knife’s handle with her handgun. Even the Assassin was surprised by the shot. A target that small was nearly impossible for her not to miss.

Elaine immediately veered to her side and aimed the gun at the Assassin but her handgun was shoved back by the Assassin’s perfectly executed roundhouse kick.

"Elaine!" Dreygo called.

Without hesitation and regard for his injuries, Dreygo sprinted across the kitchen towards the living room and lunged his body toward the Assassin.

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