Demon Buffet
Tengzu, Cheena, Earth


Blood spilled endlessly, and sprinkled the pavement whenever Dreygo sliced through the heaving undead demons. His weapon now possessed a longer blade and sharper than the purge blade - a dagger design. The demons were sliced like pieces of cloth.

Elaine situated on a four-story apartment’s roof deck to gain a better vantage point from below, held her sniper rifle. Her shots gave Dreygo’s significant support in killing the Demons, decapitated some of them, and Dreygo followed by a swing or a stab with his sword to deliver their final deaths.

It was the 50th undead demon of the night and recalled his death count.


Demon Ethers = 156 demons souls


The Death Harbinger's sword gave him a significant advantage in the fight, somewhat reprogramming himself back as the bringer of Death.

He was the pest control and the Demons were the pests, as most human demons would say.

Bodies of Tengzu
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