Fallen Earth King
Thousands of ether strands escaped from Sloth’s body, rapidly diving deep through the ground. Screeching painfully to normal ears. The chosen journey through the tunnels was risky but it ended right.

They had saved Manuheim another day without destruction, but the inevitable was still forming to fruition. They might have ceased one enemy’s plan but Kragus was known to have many plans, each were carefully thought of and effective so far.

It could be his journey through the tunnels was also calculated by the hell god. Maybe it was a trap. Maybe Manuheim was already fallen above ground without them knowing. They traveled over a day inside the tunnels and lots would have transpired already in the Capital.

They recollected their strengths after moments of significant rest. They mourned over Davyd, venerating a large gigantic tree that sprouted from the ground. Elaine let go of her tears, sobbing hard and kneeling before the tree, curling. Dreygo held his emotions. She dug her knees again
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