In the Belly of the Fog II
Brighver mountains, Derunia

Dreygo cautiously walked towards the path that Elain had directed. The voices again echoed in his hearing, somewhat calling his name. 'The magic playing tricks on me. Well, I could handle that. I am a Demon. I have experienced more of this in hell.' He forced the idea. Dreygo fixed his eyes now on his direction and disregarded the voices. He should be more vigilant as the Seer's territory was nearing.

Finally, a wooden house silhouette appeared from afar, and its surroundings were hazy because of the fog. He prowled from tree to tree anticipating enemies nearby. The house was heaved by trees and he took advantage as he hid behind the large tree trunks.

The place was quiet but the cawing of crows increased as if they scavenged for human or animal corpses. A different stench now unpleasantly entered Dreyo's smell. It was like a combination of burnt or cooked herbs and sacrificed animals, as he had imagined.

'Witches and their witchcraft.' Dreygo smirked.

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