The Three Gods
Brighver Mountains, Derunia

Burnt twigs and different colored leaves created the smoke as it danced in between Dreygo and the Seer. The smell was different, seemed to have mixed with other elements that created a foul smell as if they just finished the witch's ritual. They sat comfortably and Dreygo sensed no hostility within the area and with the Seer.

"There are a lot of things I need to talk about, Harbinger." The Seer began while she offered a cup of tea to Dreygo which he instantly refused.

"There is only one thing I need to know from you, Seer. It is the current location of Kragus Manaroth." Dreygo sounded in a rush.

"Before I tell you his whereabouts, let me enlighten some thoughts for you to ponder." The Seer said and she continued, "Do you know why they call me a Seer, Dreygo?"

"You better hurry up, Seer for I am very impatient." Dreygo taunted the Seer while he started to grip the blade in his right hand.

The Seer did not even flinch from Dreygo's taunts nor she regarde
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