The Rescue II
Tsengshe Hospital, Tsi Luen, Cheena


“Officer Sho? Where is he?” Dreygo asked Elaine.

“He probably escaped as he's spooked by these demons,” Elaine said.

“Then we have to look for him. I could sense the other demons at the far end of this wing.”

Somebody screamed along the corridor. A woman’s voice rattled at the sight of the corpses lying on the floor. Dreygo and Elaine scurried to the source and found a young nurse, emaciated in fright on the floor as she witnessed the downed officers.

“Let’s go before the others come,” Dreygo said.

They pursued the demon auras where they emanated. It was on the far end of the west wing of the same floor.

‘The officer must have escaped. The two officers must have saved him.’ Dreygo thought as they ran along the corridor. The demonic presence was nearing them as they turned corners.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots echoed through the walls as they were nearing the location.

‘It was not silenced. The officer must have a weapon with him.’ Dreyg
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