The Rescue
Tsengshe Hospital, Tsi Luen, Cheena


The Harbinger's mind raced and his heart hammered against his chest as they hurried to the hospital. The demons could get Sho before they could get to him. Dreygo stepped inside the hospital lobby followed closely by Elaine.

‘My heart again. Having a mind on its own.’ The feeling was unusual.

He ate risky situations for breakfast in hell but his heart said otherwise. But then again, as he assessed, Elaine was the root of his worry. Such a fragile creature, so human. He was not used to caring for another person as He was used to being a lone wolf in Hell.

He could not afford Elaine to be shattered, mauled, or killed, for the thought was unbearable. Every worry that came up with his emotions was new to him. Something had grown inside of him, creeping out from a dark well. It was not his demonic powers but his essence of being human.

Involuntary visions and sudden flashes of Hell, burning, screaming demons, and dark skies, diminished graduall
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