The Selfish God

It was too late. The Kraken was only a diversion and Arkeus had fixated his attention on killing it. Even Dreygo and Sarakiel had bought the same distraction. It gave ample time for Kragus to rally strength to conjure his ultimate weapon. His Solar Flare and Hell Freeze combined. Flame as bright and hot as the sun and frozen wind gust freezing everything it touches, both phenomena in one plane on opposite sides and Kragus was at the center. It created a dome around the two Gods, it was faint at first, but it became more visible as time passed.

A dome made of flame and cold chilling air combined, it seemed that Kragus’ ultimate power was a God killer, Dreygo thought. The look on Arkeus’ face was stunned and surprised. Dreygo and Sarakiel was outside of the dome, but they could see passed through it. Dreygo could not explain but the dome was horrific to look at. Never in all his waking life had seen such powers of opposite character were merging into one. Even science could not fathom a
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