Mysterious Beings
“I know you’re out there, Dreygo!” Kragus called out. His voice was fierce but calm, but somewhat tired like a man drank too much but could still hold his composure. The Hell God sauntered closer towards where Dreygo was hidden, his sword dragged against the ash ground.

Dreygo went out from the shadow of the boulder and made himself visible to his enemy. His beast transformation was still intact, it was a good thing he thought. Now, the only question that flooded his thoughts, can he defeat the weakened Hell God? or was it another Hell God’s misdirection. He had to secure victory for this fight and should give his all, no second chances, otherwise it would mean the end of the three realms.

“Well done, Kragus. You have proven yourself the most powerful of all three realms. Then, what’s next? Sit yourself on the throne and turn the realms like hell?” Dreygo responded.

“We will cross the bridge when we get there, Dreygo. The offer still stands. Stand by me and you will become a God. I
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