War II

The tremors ended after an assembly of two hundred thousand demons spread like grains in the sand before them. A vast army one could see but such number only matched the Angel Warriors who only slightly suffered from the first waves of the worms and of the wraiths. Nothing to fear, Nethaniel thought. But with his great discomfort loomed not from the army assembled on the front but the concerns on their rears. The Large pylon that powered their shields that only five hundred best warriors guarding them. Thinking of the traitors and of warden Ezek, they can easily infiltrate through their defenses and high probability of destroying the crystal, hence nullifying their shields.

The Warmammoths came forward as the demon army divided to provide such wide pathways for the gargantuan beasts. Their stomps could kill forty demons with one step. Their heights ranging from fifty meters to seventy. Their horns, not that of elephants but sharp Enchantium blades that can slice an entire tower
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