Chapter Eight

                      The loner

    " A library in their name?" What do you mean by that". Travis asked turning to face Kiara.

" Uhm....I....I meant I saw their name in a book I was reading at our school library" "It was a history book. They didn't say anything about them, their name was just listed out." She added quickly to prevent further questions. Travis nodded looking at her and slowly turning to the program he was watching.

" How was your make up test if I may ask?" 

"Yeah, it was fine. I wasn't late and the questions were simple, I prepared well for it you know."

" I know you would ace it, you are the smartest daughter ever" He said and placed a light kiss on her forehead, Kiara smiled and adjusted her head well on his chest.

The room turned quiet as Travis returned to watching the TV and Kiara laid noiselessly on him after some minutes of silence, Travis spoke,

"I've been thinking about tomorrow, it's our anniversary again and she is not here with us." He paused and exhaled weakly. " I miss her so much".

Not getting any response or reaction from Kiara, he turned to look at her and found her sleeping comfortably .

"Princess." He called, tapping her lightly and she murmured some immiscible words and wound her hand around his neck.

"Asleep already?" He asked rhetorically and carried her to her room.


     Dylan closed his locker after taking out the books he needed to see a figure standing, with the hands crossed across the chest and looking at him.

" What do you want Carl?". Dylan asked turning to face him.

" I heard what you did yesterday. Bullying the girls. I'm glad Kiara gave you a dose of your own medicine but If you think you are so strong I'd advise you bully the boys or best, bully me. Yeah I said that, come pick on me."

" Is that some kind of threat or something?"

"I don't know, call it whatever you like."

"So what are you planning on doing to me? Give me a black eye?"

"Hmm. Thinking about it, I think I'll add it to the list of other things."

"And the other things are?"

" Saying it wouldn't make any sense. It would be best I showed you."

Dylan laughed and threw his bag and books to the floor.

"Alright, show me what you got." He said cracking his fingers.

Lawrence laughed and put his hands in his pocket.

"I don't give free punches buddy, you have to earn it." He tapped him gently on the back and left for his class.

"Running? You are so strong aren't you, why don't you come fight me." Dylan said to Lawrence's retreating figure. " Coward" 

" He is not scared of you, he is too nice he decided to go soft on you." 

Dylan turned to see Kiara standing behind him.

"What? You want to feel my body again? No ,thank you ,I'm not down for it."

" You and your body is the last thing I'd want to feel or even want. I want to talk to you about the library we found, I think we should..."

The bell for classes to begin rang cutting her short.

"Come on, let's talk about it in class"

"Hold on" Dylan said. "I think you've forgotten that you have no right to talk to me. We are not friends and we will never be." He picked his bag and books and turned to leave but paused abruptly on his track. "You know about the library,I know about the library,you do what you want ,I do what I want, don't include me and I won't include you, that's the way it should be." He said and left .Kiara stood looking at him with her hands holding her books tightly across her chest,she watched Dylan leave, shaking her head she left for her class.

     Dylan took the right turn and headed to the other hallway which lead to classrooms that had been in construction since forever. Students and teachers avoided it because there had been stories of ghost and creepy creatures living there but that had been Dylan's favourite place to stay. He pushed the rusted door and it creaked as it opened, he paused and looked into the room, it was still as he had left it -his drawing book and pencils scattered on the table. He threw his bag and books carelessly on the floor as he stepped into the room and let out a weak sigh, he rested his back against the room and slowly sat to the floor as tears clouded his eyes and slowly ran down his face. He brought out his phone swiping through the pictures he stopped on one and paused to look at it, a tear ran down from his face dropping on picture, he brought the phone closer to his face and pressed his lips against the picture. " I'll find you. I promise. I'll do whatever it will take, even if it means me dying." He said in a weak and tear-choked voice, he pressed his phone against his lips again before standing up. He took out a white cardboard paper from his bag and wrote with beautiful decoration '  MAD LONER' on it and pasted it on the wall. He packed his bag and left the classroom, emptying a can of red paint on his trail as he made for his class. He threw the can away as he got to the rusted door,he wiped the tears off his face, plastering a fake smile on it, he carried his bag and made for his class .

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