Chapter Nine

Sextuplets in trouble 1

After Dylan left, Kiara walked to her locker and took out the books she would be needing for her class and advanced to her class.

 "Just one day of detection and you are already clinging tenaciously to his side." Ashley said as Kiara came to her seat. "Don't forget that we hate him." She added.

"And who is that if I may ask?" Kiara asked turning to face Ashley.

"Oh please Kiara,we saw you with that stupid boy some minutes." Said Imogen.

"You mean Dylan?" Asked Kiara.

"Of course you know it's him."

"Guys,I was only talking to him and not clinging to him." Kiara said stressing on 'clinging'. "And I figured he isn't too much of a bad guy."

"Really? " Imogen asked. "He taunts Ashley everyday and you say he is not a bad guy.Can someone please tell me where Kiara Hunter has gone?"

"Dylan's spell has affected her and now she will join the crew of the stupid people that crush on him."Commented Ashley.

"Hey, do I look stupid to you? I like Dylan, very much, and you shouldn't judge that." Hissed Lily and Ashley rolled her eyes on her.

"Believe it or not, he is hot." She added and turned to continue with what she was drawing.

    As they were talking, Lawrence Carls, the school best basketball player and Dylan's archenemy joined them.

"Hey ladies." Lawrence greeted as he took a seat beside Ashley and she and Kiara responded with a smile.

"Lawrence, seems like I haven't seen you in forever." Imogen said.

"Ah, mans have just been busy."

"With?" Kiara asked.

"Training for the competition that is coming up."

"Oh, I already know you would win for Riskwood high." Imogen said and chuckled.

"I will try. Kiara,I heard you were in detention with Dylan yesterday,did anything happen?"

"No,nothing happened, everything went just fine." She lied.

 She needed to know what the Libra was about before telling anyone about it and that was she wanted to tell Dylan about.

"If he tries to trouble you just let me know, Ashley has already suffered enough I would not want any one of you adding to his list."

"Wonderful, my perfect knight in the shinning armour." Lily said sarcastically without raising her face from her book.

Ashley looked at her and motioned to Lawrence not to listen to her.

As they were talking,they noticed that the noise in the class had dissolved to absolutely silence and they looked up to see what had caused it.

   "It would not be bad if we go a day without having any teacher in this class." Imogen said.

"What is then the essence of coming to school." Kiara said as she turned to face her front.

As Dylan came out of his secret relaxation place, he saw the hallway empty and he figured that classes had already begun. He fitted his phone inside his pocket, placed his bag well on his shoulder and walked to the class.

On reaching the class,he pushed the door open and the teacher and student's turned to look at him.

"Where are you coming from mister?" The teacher asked with furrowed brow.

"I went to the nurse's office." He replied.

"The nurse's office." The teacher repeated as he rolled his eyes on him.

Dylan nodded.

"Okay, just go and take your seat, and make sure to listen carefully for the remaining part of the class,we are about concluding with today's lesson." The teacher said and Dylan went to take his seat.

  As Dylan walked to his seat he pulled Ashely by the hair causing her to yell loudly in pain.

"Who did that?" The teacher asked.

"I sir, I felt a sharp pain run across my chest but it's fine now." Ashley replied innocently.

"Shouldn't you go see the nurse."

"I will sir but that would be later."

The teacher nodded as he slowly looked away from her.

As Dylan took his seat, the bell rang frantically signalling the end of lessons.

"Okay,that would be all for today." Said the teacher as he closed his book.

"Make sure you study well and prepare for our next lesson."

"Okay sir." Choursed the students.

Lawrence who had seen Dylan pull Ashley by the hair sat in his seat boiling as he impatiently waited for the teacher to leave the class and as the teacher stepped a foot out of the class he jumped out of his seat to pounce on Dylan.

"Ass hole." Cursed Lawrence as he landed a punch on Dylan's face.

Dylan was taken aback as he was not expecting the punch, he touched his face and he felt it swollen. Chewing his teeth, he slowly stood up to face Lawrence, the other students who had seen Lawrence punch Dylan turned to watch what was going to happen.

"Carls." Dylan called.

"Russo." Lawrence replied looking him in the eyes.

"How dare you?" He asked with gritted teeth.

"You dared to drag her hair."

"And what does that have to do with you."

"I don't need to give a reply to that."

Upon hearing Lawrence' reply, Dylan clinched his fist and a sudden punch landed on Lawrence's face and a fight ensured between the both of them. Seeing what was going on, the other students in the class cleared the tables and chairs from their way giving them enough space to fight as they kept cheering the person that gave the other a good number of punch.

Laying on the floor, Dylan dragged Lawrence down to sit on the floor and he quickly got up to sit on top of him as he placed several punches on his face. Lawrence tried to stand up but due to Dylan's weight that was pinning him to the ground he couldn't, he then used both his legs to wrap around Dylan's neck making his breathing difficult. As Dylan lost breath, he stopped punching Lawrence and tried to the legs that were strangling him of his neck and Lawrence used that opportunity to push Dylan off his body to stand back on his feet. On getting up, Lawrence touched his face and he felt a warm liquid on it , bringing it to his eye level he saw it was blood and he dropped his hand to glare at Dylan whi was still sitting on the floor gasping for air.

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