Chapter 79 Ryan proved his love for her

Every time, Ryan saw on the wall; can’t deny the fact that his eyes might slightly casted back, how flawless Sweety was. He sometimes uttered his mouth,” I have been killing my golden heart for you.”

It was perfectly heard by Jacky, who romantically accepted at Ryan’s hot body. Can’t contract her feelings exclusively for him. Such a night, she couldn’t measure how seductive the body of Ryan, who tempted her eyes; to give her diamond body for her.

In the bed, Ryan madly looked at the angel, who flawlessly attached to his body. With her, he finally gave his best for, no matter what happened; he would be proud to give his hot night for her.

Can’t skip out from his word,” Sweety,” it was loudly heard by Jacky. Instead of taking their pleasure activity tonight, since their bodies were getting hot to link each other. However, the innocent girl complaint her feelings for him,” stop mentioning that name.”

“I just accidentally utter it.” His response was not giving a perfect satisfaction for J
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