Before the announcement of the Principle 

  The battle day has already passed with my victory. today is Friday. When I woke up I got a letter on my table beside the bed. It is not surprising as before the letter of acceptance to magic academy got like this.

Let's see what has written inside the letter 

  "Dear Kagen, Congratulations on your victory yesterday. But don't let the victory grow your confidence and overconfidence. I saw the report of your battle from Ms. Tanya Blanderherd. You create a magic attack. You are going to become a moderate-class magician so try to adopt the custom of the Moderate class. My wishes are with you.

                                   Yours respected 


Damn that old man, I am not going to say I didn't expect it. But I think he is keeping his eyes on me now often. It's just like having a stalker.

Hey cops an old man from our school is stalking me who you are calling Principle, just kidding... 

I can't say it.

but still, I have to be careful I feel like my body is reacting to the magic that I have used yesterday. Even though I am not a supported magic user I still use it forcefully, my body gives it compensation, No one knows what is magic's origin, but to use it humans produce mana from their bodies, as an unsupported mana user I force my body to produce mana, but luckily the past battle day attack wasn't so powerful to break my body.

Shall I take a leave today?

  No, let's go, if I take leave I have to make it up in supplementary classes. I don't want them.

 Today is Friday. If I overcome it somehow today I will get my two days of fun-free day.

  (Then Kagen got ready for classes and at the front gate of the school he heard someone calling his name and saying)

 "Wait for me Kagen"

It's odd but for the first time, I recognized someone's voice other than my parents.

I felt a warm soft palm on my back and 

"Wait, why didn't you stop, I shouted to wait for me right, "Sunao asked while huffing.

" Why I should have to wait for you?!"

"Are you ignoring me?"Sunao replied with her sweet voice.

I think this is for the first time I can see clearly her face from this close. Her light pink hair waved just like Sakura flowers. Her half-open scarlet eyes gazing at me. She was just looking as if a manga character got real. I found myself completely lost in her eyes and stop moving for a bit.

 "Hey, are you okay?"Sunao worriedly asked.

 "N-, no I was just thinking about something and the matter  what you asked before not just you, I don't wait for anyone"

   "But we are friends, right? we call each other by name?"Sunao asked with a sweet voice.

 In this situation, if there was any boy other than me present here he would surely say I love you but I am different, I have to break her delusion.

 "Look I don't know what you call a friend for, I didn't have any friends in my past, I don't have any friends now and I won't have any friends in the future also. I don't want to befriend anyone," Kagen replied.

 I Remember once a person whom I respect said if people become alone there is no going to occurs any war, there is only peace.

     "Sorry but I also don't have any friends since childhood, I tried also being friends with my classmates but they got jealous of my magic power and don't interfere with me. You are the only person who I am talking to in school and once my mom told me that if you call each other by name you become friends so sorry"Sunao replied lowering her head.

  Spoiled child!, well I am not in the room to say that, when I was 9 years old my parents said if I took good care of my books then when I become an adult it will fly me high, it took me 6 years to understand the meaning. what a fool I was back then but I wouldn't say that it's full wrong, books certainly make a boy into a man in terms of maturity. But her mother is a good person.

If I remember correctly she is the first girl I talked with apart from my parents.

 "So as an apology please allow me to offer you some good food after school, "Sunao asked.

 if it's just food, it doesn't seem bad.

(After that  Kagen agreed with it)


(Then they left and walked towards their respectful classroom. After the school ended they started to walk toward the food stall. They ate Parfait and Sunao noticed an old woman and started to run towards her.)

" Uhm.. granny are you okay?"Sunao asked the old woman.

 "I just sprained my back so I am unable to stand and walk," the old woman replied in pain.

(An old woman in her 70s, hair isn't completely white but she doesn't look as old as her age, crutches are rested on the park bench where the old woman is resting, a clear visible bent on her waist)

   "Don't worry, you are lucky granny, we the justice police are here, we will help you just wait here"

 (Sunao came to Kagen and explained the situation and he tagged along with her.)

 (Sunao helped her and took them to her Hearth. when Kagen saw her house he froze for some time. The house is around 500 meters away from its main gate and the property has 80 acres of landscape garden and the house property has 20 acres of landscape. Which makes a total of 100 acres of landscape )  

Oh My God. It is so big that if I entered it, it would take at least 5 years to get out for me. Is it really a house?

(Kagen stopped at the gate knowing his weakness).

 (Sunao walked her to her house door).

(When they reach her house door old woman show some gesture)

 "Young lady, thank you for helping me, one more thing can you lend me your ear for a moment?"

 "Yes, granny, what happened?"

  "Is that boy your boyfriend, it's nice to be young," the lady whispered in her ear.

 "Wh--, what are you saying granny, we are not like that? '' Sunao replied while fidgeting.

   "It's such a waste, you look good together, do your best girl, "The old woman said to her. 

(Then Sunao walked out the gate while waving her hand.)

"I forgot one thing to ask, did you win the match that day?"Sunao asked.

"Who knows?"Kagen said.

(Sunao acted as if she knew who won it.)

 It doesn't matter to me. I don't react until it affects my peaceful life.

(While returning to the dorm)

I feel like someone is spying on us. Maybe she is the cause. why should I be spied on? I didn't do anything. 

(Kagen ignored it.)

  [POV sunao at night]

Is it real what Granny said? Do we really look good together? I always felt happy when I was with him even if he pushed his weird but real theories. Is it love? I don't know, it can't be helped. I don't know a single thing about love. Let's research it in books. 

[POV end]

 (Now Monday At the conference hall When Kagen arrived at the conference hall all 1st-year students were already present there.)

  "Silent, Principal will come in a moment," Cecilia's president ordered, standing from the main stage.

 (Cecilia Cristian, president of the student council, One of the scholars of school and  second year Royal class magician, She is the youngest female ever recorded in history to work internship in "ILLUMINATI REVOLVERS")

  "Woah.. she is so beautiful, she is so strong she is in her 2nd year and she is the leader of the student council and doing intern in the Illuminati revolkers".Students started cheering her.

 ( Then Principle arrives at the main stage and started with) 

"my dear students from the 1st-year magic course, as you know our school has 300 years of glorious history. There are some cultures also in our school. One of them is 'Dabrium'.Dabriums are the places where students join in a specific interest and research about it. Every year 1st-year magic course students join Dabriums as they wish. so I want all students to join one and enjoy their research with study. There is an event going to happen for the next 3 days in which Dabriums members will invite students to their respective Dabriums. I wish you all very lucky for your fun. Then farewell."

    (after that when Kagen was about to leave the door Sunao asked him-)

 "Kogen, which Dabrium are you going to join?"

" I don't intend to," Kagen replied and then left.

(Sunao stood there without saying anything afterward while looking at Kagen and slowly Kagen got out of her view.)

  (After that classes restarted and Kagen got a call from the Principal that day.)

(In the Principle room)

   " Which Dabrium are you going to join?"Principle asked.

  "I don't have any intention for it," Kagen answered...

  "Kagen, I think I clearly describe that you have to adapt to the custom of Moderate class"

  "I think it's nothing to do with moderate class" 

 "Yes, certainly as a moderate class student you have to join Dabrium. You have three days. Take it slowly and find your suitable Dabrium."

 "Ok Sir" Then Kagen left the room.

  It's not like he consulted every student. He read through me. He knew that I don't intend to join any Dabrium so he set me up.

  (After school finished Kagen started to return to the dorm)

 I realized something I was wrong about yesterday. The spying wasn't for Sunao, it was for me. I just feel like someone is watching me now.

 Just hurry back. From tomorrow hustle is gonna start again. what am I going to do?

    (Meanwhile in the Royal capital at Celestial Age main center)

 "Carlos, call the other four celestial users to gather here tomorrow and explain to them the matters we are going to attend, "Gradiel ordered.

 "Yes as you wish commander" Carlos responded and left.

  "I don't know who are you? what are you up to? but wait for me, I will hunt you down severely for playing with our ancient history, as a celestial user and leader of celestial age I, Gradiel Pincaster, the user of the king of sores Cancer sign, will definitely eradicate you soon."Gradiel talking to himself in that room with an angry face while fist crunching in front of his face.

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