"I know at first I also didn't believe it, but after some time I got knowledgeable about it. You are smart Carlos, you are always far smarter than me even in our school days. I respect your skills," Gradiel answered back to the unsolving facts of Carlos and try to make his mind up for ease.

"Thank you, sir. Don't compliment me out of anywhere, otherwise I will blush out. but I have one more. Why did you not do anything when you know about this?"

"I am powerful, but not so to defeat the total continent. Even if I am, I will still choose not to fight. if I inflicted war, the continent's harmony started to break off, and it's not an easy task to run a whole continent and many countries at once, and apart from this I can't tell how the past royal households were but now royal family is not bad people as per as my view." Gradiel answered while looking at the stars through the window.

"Now there are many countries, but not anyone has a royal family like here. Why-?"Carlos asked another question.

"Don't you think it's already late? Why don't we discuss it tomorrow? I am also tired from the journey," Gradiel replied.

"Ok then I will leave sir, take a decent rest, good night," Carlos said and opened the door to leave.

"Wait, ignore what you heard here," Gradiel replied.

"Ok," Carlos responded with a devoted voice.

(After Carlos left the room)

[Carlos POV]

I didn't see Gradiel become that serious while discussing something. At the last moment, I think he didn't want me to know the truth. Well, whatever, if he doesn't want to share that, I won't ask him.

Now let's sleep. Tomorrow we have many jobs to do.

[POV end]

[Gradiel POV]

  Sorry Carlos, but I can't tell you the truth yet. When the time arrives, you will know for sure.

There are many things out there which are better to be untouched or be a mystery.

[POV end]

(Now At academy's Volunteer dabrium)

"Huh!, what did you just say we won't go to the secret room!" Sunao asked in a loud voice.

"But why won't we go to the secret room? We agreed yesterday about the exploration, right?" Sunao asked with a surprised complexion.

  "The room was closed for five years and a very secret book or key opened the room. Don't you think it's something else? I don't know much about puzzles, but I think the one who made this room doesn't want anyone to go in or there are things he/she doesn't want to show to the outside world."Kagen replied.

  "Then why don't the past members didn't know anything about this room? My mother didn't say anything about the secret room," Sunao argued.

"Look, everything has its own story. The more you become old, the more good things or bad things gonna happen to you. This dabrium is mainly worked with the Student Council and the school is enough ancient to make its portrayal by itself." Kagen replied.

"And I think this is the most likely reason why volunteer dabrium didn't get any members for five years," Karen replied.

"Now if you say that I think it is connecting all aspects, what should we do, Secretary Kagen?" Sunao asked with a worried face.

"About the dabrium didn't get any members incident, I did some research on it underground from the senior students. And for the past five years, there wasn't any dabrium exist which called Volunteer dabrium."Tristan replied with a serious look on his face.

"But how can this happen? According to my mother, she was the president of this dabrium 30 years ago."

"Your mother's case doesn't make any fact with this incident, they can change overnight the history. We don't have to worry about that. Now the main question is, what did happen five years ago when the school closed? It's one of the main dabriums," Kagen replied while concentrating on one point at the table.

  Why do I think joining this dabrium has a very deep meaning? Why?

"I don't know the reason why it happened, but I sure know something. If we want to solve this, the clue is right behind that door," Sunao replied while pointing her finger at the door.

I also think it's the best option, but I am still flinching about this, if I was right and there is something we don't want to explore or the world doesn't want to discover what will happen?! we won't get any chance in our life if we make only one mistake there. But I have, no, we have to take the hazard. Great discoveries always need risk and courage.

  "So, what will we be going to do? Drop this explore or give a push and find something mysterious in this world?" Sunao said with sparkling eyes that can clearly show her determination to discover something new.

  "It is up to you, President. if you decide to go I will sure take part in it," Kagen replied and stood up from the chair where he sit.

"You can count on me also, president," Tristan answered back while positioning his hand on his chest.

"But before we go to the room, first we have to place the drone magic object in front of us just to be sure that there isn't any problem. You will control it, Sunao. Between us, you are a more powerful mana user and stay on the rearer side, as you have to concentrate on mana. I will do the exploration in front and this guy over here will provide a defense." Kagen explained everything.

(Magic objects are objects which are created by a magic conservation company. It takes an amount of mana from users to make it move or use.)

"oi.. say my name! That's why you always make enemies. But you can count on me with that as I got some training in security and defense from my father."Tristan replied.

  Well, you think you know how to defend in a fight, but a real battle is far more difficult than that. I didn't participate in it as well, but my parents always taught me this. Never compare a fight to a battle.

  [Sunao POV]

it may become my worst decision and worst experience but I will never gonna regret it. My first adventure as a president while supported by the royal class talent and ordinary class prodigy.

[POV end]

"So, my fellow dabrium members, let's drip some sweat," Sunao said while cracking her fist.

(With a smile on their faces, they started to walk towards the secret room by opening the door)

Meanwhile, in Rakta Chanchal

(with the chirping of birds, the sun made an end to the activities of the moon and started the world's glorious future one more time, and morning with a calm atmosphere appeared.)

  "Hello, Sir Gradiel. the breakfast is ready. We already called sir Carlos for the breakfast. Please join us in the dining." The butler of the household knocked on the door and reported it to be half asleep Gradiel.

'Yeah, I am joining in," Gradiel responded with a none active spear throat.

(after some time butler showed their way to the dining hall. When Gradiel entered the dining house, Carlos was already present there. They didn't make any conversation like they always do. Without any sound or interaction, they only focused on the protein, delicious and beautiful food that was presented by butlers.

  "Hmm... delicious, how can I describe it? It just feels like nirvana even if I don't experience that," Gradiel replied with a funny face while chewing the meat and potatoes.

  "I get it, it just feels like I am melting in the rich scent and deliciousness of the meat," Carlos replied while making a satisfied face.

(They looked at each other after that and started to laugh)

"haha... hahaha.. ahhahhha" both of them started to laugh loudly.

(They erased the tense presence and awkwardness about last night's talk and started to act as usual. Now they started to walk towards the front door of the King of Rakta Chanchal, assembly. )

"Sir, the time has come. Let's go," Carlos said with a nervous voice and started to twitch.

  "Huh? are you the one who always stays calm at any moment?!, why are you so nervous?" Gradiel asked with a grin on his face.

"It can't be helped. It's my first time discussing this big matter with a king?"

  "If I am right, you received the honor of intelligence from the continent emperor when you are seventeen years old, right? Are you still wavering why? I can't understand it."

"That time I just received the honor, but now I am going to discuss the plan. The pressure is high. You can't understand it."

"you are right. But if we are together, we can overcome any impediment, belief in you and me, and everything is going to be right." Gradiel replied while placing his left hand on Carlos's soldiers.

[Carlos POV]

Thank you, partner, you are my best friend. Even though I belong to a commonplace, you always interacted with me and made my talent visible, which was also recognized by the king. You always stand beside me. Even you stood beside me in my honor distribution and nowhere, thank you.

[POV end]

  "Hmm.. let's go, Partner. " With a smile, Carlos changed his expression and closed his nervousness.

"The Celestial Commander of Cancer Gradiel Pincaster and his vice commander Carlos are going to enter the room" with an announcement from the doorkeeper, the entrance of the room started to open. Gradiel and Carlos started to walk toward the room.

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