Ordinary Humans, a creature, lives upon their curiosity. It's curiosity that drives humans to the unthinkable. Some make their curiosity in their weapon. Those are Magicianists.

  I don't become bizarre about anything normally, but this case is out of my supervision. As a human, I have to ratify there is something out there I can't do. I know my thresholds.

  (After Sunao was done with Tristan's application, Dabrium members talked about not to tell anything about it to anybody and agreed to search for it the next day.)

    At first, it looked just like a deserted room, but now after clearing and some exploration, we found out that it is a secret room of the school. There was no lamp on the path, but there was a source of light. It's getting late let's. sleep, tomorrow I have to work on dabrium expenditures.

(Meanwhile, the celestial age is scouring the Northeast side of the continent, the desert country Rakta Chanchal. sound of granulate lumber tire from a wagon started to slow down at a distinct place)

  "Sir, we reached our destination" after leaving the wagon and port on the ground Carlos said.

"So we reached, at last, the country of prosperous civilization Raktachanchal." Gradiel also landed on the ground and responded to Carlos.

(They are at the bazaar and middle of the Rakta Chanchal country)

(When they just landed there, the soldiers suddenly encircled them with weapons)

"What are you fooling doing? Do you know who you guys' weapons point on?'' Carlos asked the soldiers angrily.

"Yes we know, you were the people who endangered the merchant, who was appearing at our bazaar, "Soldiers replied.

Now if I think carefully when I went to get some water on our way, Gradiel told me he asked someone about the path, this person! Don't tell me?

"Sir, when you went to ask the merchant the path to here, what did you do that time?" Carlos asked Gradiel with an interrogating voice.

"Nothing, I just calmly held his collar and asked him the path, and you can't believe what happened after that, he started to sob like a baby and beseeched me to forgive him, I can't understand why he did that though," Gradiel replied with a prideful smile on his face.

This 27-year-old kid! It's normal for any human if you did that to anyone. That's why I hate muscle head monsters. Are you really a Celestial commander? Sometimes I think about why Lord Cancer chose him.

"Sir, can't you just simply ask him about the path without turmoil?'' Carlos asked calmly despite his disgruntled thoughts.

"It can't be helped. When I tried to inquire about him, he started to run," Gradiel replied while stretching his hands on his head.

"Stop your bullshit talk. We become bored while you converse. Now you have to go to prison, "Soldiers replied with annoyed faces.

"What are you saying? Did anyone not tell you that Celestial commanders are coming here for a mission?" Carlos asked soldiers with a troubled face.

"Are you saying you are a Celestial commander?" Soldiers asked with a serious face.

Now you damn soldiers! come to your right place, now become feared by my commander's name.

"Certainly not, I am not the commander, I am the vice commander of the Cancer celestial force Carlos, and who is standing beside me is the Cancer celestial commander Gradiel Pincaster," Carlos answered with a glorious face while pointing Gradiel with his hand.

(The soldiers started to laugh)

"ha aha .... stop joking, do you speculate we trust your misconception, we heard Gradiel is the most powerful Celestial commander, and he, who you are saying commander doesn't look like that, if you want us to believe you then show us some tricks we will forgive you"

(suddenly the air started to tense)

"You nobody wants to prove my power to you, don't joke around me, do you think I worked my ass off to show off this power, I conceal my aura to not cause any devastation to others, don't try your fortune on me," Gradiel said angrily.


you guys just angered the most dangerous man, Gradiel got them.

"iii... I-is-is he the most powerful Gradiel?" soldiers started to talk between them and started to tremble with fear of his Aura.

(At that time suddenly a gentleman said)

"That's enough. Sorry commander Gradiel for the inconvenience our soldiers induced you. I am deeply embarrassed by our soldiers' actions. Royal capital notified us that you are coming in 4 days, if I knew you are appearing here today as the Crown Prince of this country I, Warden Sturli promptly attain to pick our guests up, without any \distress please come with me to our palace." Warden replied.

(Warden Sturli, crown prince of Rakta Chanchal, 36 years old, green hair with a tanned color body, blue eyes, and a mark on his forehead)

  "Ok" Gradiel agreed with that.

"But before that, I want to talk with these soldiers. Will it be alright, prince?"

"Yes, absolutely"

    (The soldiers are trying to back off for the fear of Gradiel. )

"Don't be afraid of me. That's why I always restrict my aura outside of battle. Did you know what a real soldier is?" Gradiel asked while bending his knees to sit but not sitting.

"No," One of the soldiers replied.

" Then allow me to explain. My teacher once said if you are overconfident in your ability, you can win a fight but can't win a battle. Inside of yours, you are going to break every time. Soldiers are not to help people but to give the country's defense. But it's a good thing for soldiers that they consider people their country part and help them. One most\\ valuable piece of advice is never to provoke your enemy if you don't know what he is. The most important thing is you are brave soldiers, you didn't run away from me. Now go and do your duty" Gradiel replied while standing up.

There are sometimes when he is a kid, but apart from that, he is a very valuable gem. I believe in my commander as I spent my past life being his only friend.

  "Sorry, but I am afraid that can't be done," Warden reacted.

  "What! But why Prince Warden? " Soldiers asked with fear.

"As a guest of the King, you guys disrespect them. I can't forgive you, you guys are suspended for two months now."

"Please, sir, Warden forgives us. If we don't work, we can't afford nutrition for our children." Soldiers started to beg on their knees while crying.

  "Ok, don't beg me. If our guests exempt you, I will also forgive you," Warden responded to them.

  "Sorry, we are truly sorry for what we did. Please forgive us"

" Don't worry, first of all, I am not worried about you guys. So how can I forgive you? You guys are only doing your work. Keep it up in the future as well." Gradiel replied with a kind smile.

  "Then allow me to show you our way to the Royal Palace of Rakta Chanchal," Warden replied.

  (A Royal vehicle came to pick them up)

( After reaching the royal palace)

"Gentlemen, I believe you guys are feeling exhausted from the trip, so why don't you take a rest in the rooms today? and we can meet the king tomorrow," Warden replied.

"Ok" Gradiel accepted.

(After that they began to wonder where the rooms were.

"Don't have to bother, our butlers will signify your rooms," Warden replied and left.

  (While following the butler)

"Sir, I have some questions that I want to confirm, can I?" Carlos whispered to Gradiel's ears.

"Don't worry, go refresh in the room after that. Ask me what you want?" Gradiel conceded while whispering.

  (After refreshing, Carlos started to ask questions)

"Sir, we have our royal family in the continental royal capital, right? Why do here in a country, there are royal people of another family?" Carlos asked with anxiety.

"Well, the answer is simple. Let's consider a chair. It can't be made up of one piece of wood. it has many parts. After creating them, they assemble them and make what we call a chair-"

"But it has nothing to do with this case," Carlos responded angrily.

"First, give me time to finish my sentence, listen continents are the sum of all countries. In ancient times, there were kings who ruled their kingdoms at that time. At that time, there was no country, no royal family. Every kingdom had its own royal family. But due to many problems, like floods and desertification, the undeveloped path for communication kingdoms started to fall apart. Some kingdoms started to attack other kingdoms of the desire for land. After a long history now the Kwasiki continent's royal family won a few kingdoms and offer other kingdoms to combine with them. The kingdoms had no chance to win because the land and soldiers support the Royal family and they became only one kingdom which we called now the Kwasiki continent, and the kingdoms became country." Gradiel replied.

" But I don't remember learning something like this in school, and we were in the same batch. How did you know?" Carlos asked Gradiel.

"Certainly school doesn't inform us what you want to know. They teach us what they want us to know. At first, I also didn't know about it, but after being authorized as a Cancer, tamer Cancer described it to me." Gradiel answered.

"Unbelievable, Even if you say that now how can I trust this?!" Carlos answered while lowering his head to hide the sad emotion on his face.

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