(Gradiel and Carlos entered the king's chamber)

"Welcome to our small country Powerfulest Gradiel Pincaster and his famous scholar subordinate, Carlos. As you can see, I am the one who is called king here. Indeed, the emperor selected the best people for this mission, or for our request."<*here emperor means the king of the continent>

(A middle age man, around 58 age, with white hair with a big beard on his face. He wears a turban on his head.)

"Request?- "as this word got out of both of their mouth, Gradiel and Carlos started to look at each other with a surprising gesture.

"Ohhh? Emperor didn't explain to you what WAS the real motive under this message?!," King replied with a worried gesture on his face and a wrinkle started to appear on his face.

"Sorry, we don't know what you are talking about, my king! But the emperor informed us to investigate the matter about the dead bodies of two celestial commanders and search for the other lost commander." Gradiel replied.

"Huh…. ~, emperor! He never explains the details, truly a pain in the ass. We always manage their mistakes," King replied with an enormous sigh while placing his hand on his head and starting to move his face move left and right.

"We called for help because we found some things related to your commanders. We don't know which thing belongs to who, but we believe these were related to users of Aries and Leo. I didn't report Emperor anything about the dead bodies of the commanders. We want you guys to explore further to that place as I think that is dangerous for normal magicians. As for support, we also provide our country's some 'A' rank adventures. They may not be useful at frontal fight but can support you." King replied.

[Gradiel POV]

A rank adventure? Not bad. They may not be powerful as 'S' rank adventurers, but if we are going for an adventure, we don't know how much time we have to spend there. Going prepared is the best resolution for now. Even with how powerful we are, we still need people to take our weapons and food with us. For now, let's go with it.


  "I also think the plan is good, but before that, do you have anything to say, Carlos?' Gradiel asked.

"Let's see, the plan itself is good, but I think it does still need some correction before we practically use this," Carlos replied.

"Sorry, I can't understand. Can you explain it vividly?" Gradiel responded.

"As you know, for normal adventure, the more is good if we see the case in perspective of a third person who is participating outside of the adventure. But for now, the case is critical. We already missed or one can say we lost our two commanders there. If we take one wrong step there, it will not only cause damage for us, but also for the whole team." Carlos replied.

  "That's right, if that happens people will surely blame the royalty for this and we can't answer them as we are doing this undercover, so what are the precautions for this?" King replied with a worried gesture on his face.

"Not precautions," Carlos replied.

"No precautions?!" King replied worriedly while making a serious face.

"Yeah, no precautions. The only precaution that we have to take is to make a team consisting of four people. We have already two people, me and Carlos. Right Carlos?" Gradiel replied.

(Clairvoyance is an ability to detect enemies by their mana and it depends on the person how much area they can cover)

"Indeed, commander, as you explained, we only need two supporters for us to complete this mission. I am going to handle the map and exploration cause I have my clairvoyance and I will support from the backside- ,"Carlos was about to say something, Gradiel replied.

"Yes, you will handle as rear guard for your magic and I will fight at the front "

"We only need a fighter for healing and one is a sniper who can fight from long range," Carlos replied.

"Ehh…, but we have me to fight long range, right?" Gradiel replied.

"Yes, but we still need a fighter who can fight in stealth without causing any sound," Carlos replied.

"Even if you said that nowadays, it's very rear to find a healer. Also the sniper, I don't think I know any adventure like that," the King answered.

"Let's see, we don't need a proper sniper, we just need a fighter who can fight in the distance without getting noticed by the enemy. And about the healer-"Carlos replied and started to think something in his mind.


A healer is a formidable ally if we want to conquer that place. If it's true that two commanders got lost there, then I don't think Gradiel can handle this without getting injured. I don't doubt his strength or what he can do. But still, as his vice commander, I still have to apply some strategy before engaging in a fight. Healers are the rarest race of adventures. It's said that healers are born one in a million people. Those healers get their blessing from the Goddess themselves. 


(There are four great races in warriors. They are Healer, Berserker, Hero, and Magic modular. These races are also the rarest of all. These races receive their blessings direct from the goddess. Every continent has its own healer, berserker, Magic modular, and hero. But all Heroes' blessings are different from others. Every hero has his/her own ability or blessing delivered to him/her. But the similarity is that they all are able to use all attributes of magic like earth, wind, lightning, water, and fire. Healers can only use water and wind magic. Berserkers are swordsmen with a great physical body and they receive special swords from goddesses only they can use. Magic modulars are magicians who can change magic spells; they have a special ability called the eyes of victory. They can make a plan which will lead them to win for sure, but it doesn't depend on your team's performance. If your team is weak, you can't win by this.)

"But how can I find someone like that in a short time period?" King replied while making a face full of worries.

"That's the main problem for us. But I didn't say that we need them necessarily."Carlos replied.

"Wh-what you want to say? Say it clearly Scholar." With a big surprise and without knowing the deep meaning of these words king asked.

"We are going to do what every poor and middle-grade people do to live properly with their family. We are going to compromise. As I explained before, we need them if we want to go with proper precautions, but we can't find a Healer easily. So we have to find a sniper or a magician who can fight in stealth mode from a distance. We will train him/her and if we can't find a healer which is most likely to be impossible, we will dispatch for our mission." Carlos replied with a firm smile.

"That may be a good idea. For now, let's focus on the sniper person. First, we have to find one and train him for the time being." Gradiel replied.

"Ok, let's proceed with this plan. Prince goes to every guild with your subordinates and declares that we are finding a person who can use magic from a distance without any sound." King replied to his prime minister.

"As you wish, my king, soldiers' commanders come with me and prepare the paper for the declaration and official signature from King. We will be going tomorrow morning." Warden Sturli replied to the king and started his plan.

"Wait, Prince. Can I suggest one thing?" as Warden was about to leave the council, Carlos replied.

"Yes, please Scholar"

"Can you increase the amount of this mission slightly up? As we know that this mission is very hard for an  A-rank adventurer. I fill like we are robbing them, so I want to increase their amount as my own personal request." Carlos replied.

"Yes, I also request for that King." Gradiel also agreed and request the king.

"You don't have to say like that, when you said you only need one person from A rank adventurer I already decided to promote him/her to S rank adventure as he/she going to work and learn from the two of best warriors of our age," King replied with a big smile.

"Thank you very much King" Gradiel and Carlos both showed their gratitude toward King through these words.

"I have one more request for you Scholar, will you join our country as a minister? I only heard about your intelligence but never got the chance to have a talk with you. Now, after making audiences with you, I know why are being called scholars. How is it? It isn't a bad offer, right? I think after Prince becomes the next king with the help of you, you and he will definitely take this country to a high level."King replied to Carlos.

(Gradiel started to look at Carlos with an emotionless face. )


Being a minister as a king's companion isn't bad. But I didn't join Gradiel for that reason. I don't want properties or prosperity. I just want to travel with my best and only friend of my whole life who I can trust and want to become who he can trust and leave his backside security to me in the fight. I never forget that day when we met, even though he forgets.


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