The Beast Slayer

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The Beast Slayer

By: Teddy CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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He doesn’t know who he is, from where or his destiny. Found himself in the woods with only his sword, arrows, horse and mutant dog as companion and he did the only thing he is good at to survive as a nobody in a luxurious yet cruel underworld. Hunting and slaying of beasts, creatures of all kinds and strength while getting paid in gold coins by the Elites till a particular job involving the apocalypse of the entire universe changed his fate. He have to engage in several mission, avoid distraction form his several harem and locate his fated mate to find out about his true identity.


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142 chapters
Is He A Demon Lord?
Chapter One “Arghhh!!! Take that you bastard!” A jet of blood surged into the air, some splashing on my face and making its way into the small opening of my mouth. It tasted salty, the immortal beast had some blood in him after all, I dived my sword deeper into the torso of the gigantic snake beast. I have been hunting this beast for quiet sometime with no avail , this sneaky snake beast. Luck is on our side when I set him a trap and it worked. Slowed my foot steps ,shushed My dog and horse , the beast was feeding greedily on the antelope I set up in the heart of the thick forest. *smack!* I smashed the beast’s rough edged tail,which I tried to stop from hitting me from behind with my metallic soled shoes, making the snake beast let out a loud painful hiss with a renewed determination glistening in his eyes. Heard a painful whimper from behind ,turned to check and in that instant ,I felt a resounding bang behind my head making me loose ground and tripping but widen m
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Blinked Into Another World
Chapter Two I ignored the annoying looks and whispers, I have heard worse than this and I enjoy it when people fear me. Need to check my body, get my money and I’m out. They won’t see me again, there are a lot of territories out there. It’s high time , I move even though I will greatly miss fountain Nirvana. “Hey jerk!” I shouted at a young boy bullying his friend who immediately ran away when the bulky turned to look at me . “Where is the healer’s place?” I asked as all eyes were at him, the skinny tall boy winched and ran away without a backward glance. “Hmmm” I sighed looking around , a healer’s place shouldn’t be hard to find on my on. Edged Hector to go on as I moved into the heart of the city witch was so busy with trading affair till our presence was noticed. The whispers continued , something is definitely wrong. With a straight face, head held high and a sneering mean looking Hector we continued moving ignoring them. The city looks bigger than expected and it
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Kill The Lady & Get More Harems
Chapter Three This place is beautiful but I won’t be deceived , I have come across so many wired and mystical things to know an illusion when I see one. This looks heavenly and it can be heaven because even if I die today, I’m not making it to heaven because I kill to live. “Show yourself!” I said taking in my surrounding with a protective and alarmed stance noticing that my horse and Hector were left behind. If this is heaven,Hector deserve to be in it.There was still no response , I’m a man of few words so I kept quiet and let the people that got me into this place show themselves. It’s a good thing the lady made that Nana heal me, I feel a robust boost of energy and even a sword fighting war will just be fine right at this moment. I stepped foward into regal high buildings while taking in the bright colors , fresh fruits and the bouquet of different kinds of food were kept at the far end of the table with no one there. I could perceive the delicious smell of the turke
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Asgard At War
Chapter Four Kingdom Of Asgard: Kate’s POV “All hail Asgard!” “All hail the Queen!” “All hail Asgard!” “All hail the terrain of the angels!” The courtroom filled with the loyal and noble citizens of Asgard ruled by Queen Catherine the first of the house of Webster as they all gathered to witness the birthday and official coronation of the heir to the throne.I am Queen Catherine the fifth, fondly called Kate by the Queen of Asgard, my mother.I kept smiling at my people with a little wave of hand, just the way I was trained and brought up to play my role as a proper future Queen should do clad in my extremely tight golden corset with matching large skirt stacked with thousands of diamond pieces and golden rare gems. My curly full long red hair was neatly packed in a tight bun ,atleast that is out of the way with only a golden earring gifted by my father before he died as jewelry. The officiating priest in his royal robe stretched out the golden septer as I moved forward towa
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Seduced By The Lady In Blue
Chapter Five “Think about the chest of gold coins you will get,you have till tomorrow. The Elites will be indebted to you” He said without waiting for my response when he showed me the lady I need to kill. All thoughts of Harem vanish when the beautiful lady in a blue cloak’s face shows in thin air before vanishing. “I won’t do it! I am a beast slayer and don’t touch humans” “Don’t enrage the Elites you poor nobody” The bastard of an Elite in a blink brought me back out in front of the palace without paying me where my horse and Hector jerked up, Hector running to hug me. “Calm down buddy, I’m safe,let’s go home” We walked back to the fountain of Nirvana without wired looks ,since it’s almost midnight. I sighed and laid down on my back in the cave looking at the full moon ,the sky was clear with the stars shining brightly but that didn’t help with my mood at all, deep in thought. “The woman in the blue cloak helped me out there with the healer , she is human and see
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The Fall of Asgard
Chapter Six Kingdom Of Asgard: Queen Kate’s POV “Don’t worry, the Queen will have everything under control “ he said but his voice carried so much weight than he let on. “It’s bad right?” He kept quiet ,looking at me with a distant look. “Why do they want me ?” I asked him and he cleared his throat. “It’s normal for enemies to attack during celebrations,when they know that the Kingdom won’t be on guard” “Lying to your Queen is the treason “ his eyes widened at my tone but darn it, I need answers! That’s why I needed to know those secrets but no, they kept prosponding it and now I feel like a dumb clueless Queen. He made his mouth as if to say something but kept quiet when we heard footsteps. “Your highness” said Knight Luca saluting with 3 soldiers behind him. “Here to protect you my Queen “ “I should be protecting you all! Get me my armour and dress, I need to be there” “My Queen please calm down and act rationally “ said the Elite and I closed my eyes to take a
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Fuck, You’re So Wet
Chapter Seven Damien Black’s POV I tried to ignore the feel of my her torso against mine, she is a total stranger. We shouldn’t be doing this and not when I am supposed to kill her. “Maybe we shouldn’t “ I said in ragged tone , knowing that she can obviously feel my hard on when she presssed her soft body to mine and the things her hand did to my hair were knee weakening. “It’s alright Damien the beast slayer” she said ,walking away with so much self confidence and aura of authority ,swaying her delicate hips . Just like that? “Where are you going and how did you find me?” She ignored me and continued moving towards the fountain when I slowly followed her, checked around. She’s not with her men and totally unarmed. She stood under the flowing fountain when she bent down and gently took her last piece of clothing off.Oh shot. I turned back ,biting my teeth but I couple times control it and had to turn and look the deep breaths and 1-10 counting didn’t work. It’s been quite
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Ambushed By The Princess
Chapter Eight Damien Black’s POV “What the fuck princess?!” I shouted ,putting my hands up and looking at the three men surrounding my head with their sword and arrows, Princess… I mean the blue cloaked woman pointing the small sharp looking dagger in hare slender hands firmly to the pulse point on my neck. “Shit!” I growled! My instinct were right and why didn’t Hector barked or warned me?! I thought trying to look around for the horse and Hector. “Or your dog is doing great, being obedient under my charm… you should focus on your last breath “ “Where did all these men come from and I thought we had a good time yesterday?!” I said looking into her still innocent looking eyes. “Oh yes, yesterday was an amazing Beast slayer . Seems like you’re good at being a beast somewhere else too” she mocked with that alluring voice. How can someone be this sweet and cruel at the same time. I took a deep breath ,while seizing the men up and coming up with a calculative escape plan. “Why a
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Red Riding Hood
Chapter Nine Damien Black’s POV “What in bloody hell do you want from me?!” I asked again trying not to look at the annoying smirk on his face. “Hell, isn’t that where you from huh?” I ignored him and tried to stand up but winced in pain. But the Elite of Gerald who appeared from nowhere looked really pleased at the dead body of princess before they settled on mine again. “Good job, I underestimated you” I kept ignoring him, trying to put more pressure on the wound to reduce the bleeding. “ I didn’t kill her for you” I said spitting out blood. “Regardless, you know she is a siren hybrid .Half human ,half mermaid …poor thing it’s good that she is disposed off without fully knowing her powers and roots. She has the ability to charm or enchant anyone that’s why most bounty hunters get lured by her and forget their mission” “I am not a bounty hunter but a beast slayer ,you evil old man and she is not a beast” “But you slayed and oh, don’t you know that her mother was one o
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Game Of Arrows
Chapter TenDamien Black’s POV “Should we go get the beast this night or tomorrow Hector?” I asked my dog while lying down wasted on the motel room I lodged with one gold coming from the 150 the farmers gave me.It felt good to have some coins again after what that bastard Elite and blue princess did to me. I sighed knowing that regardless, blue princess will always have a place in my really dark soul. That little tricky lady gave me a name and a sense of belonging. Just fuels my quest of finding out who I am and from where. “Hector come on help me decide here, you’re a mutant dog and should learn how to speak by now” I said looking at Hector suspiciously who only wagged his ears and tails without even bark. “Or maybe we should get the horse and runaway. This coin will definitely sustain us for a week or two “ Hector barked this time around and want sure if he was for the idea or not. Bored and swearing not to be pusswhipped or bother with women anymore. I might as well do som
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