Chapter 131: To protect goddess homeland

A long time ago, hundreds of heavenly knights were summoned from heaven. Knights were created to protect the people in the dungeon from extraterrestrials. The dungeon goddess was their master, Fina. Using the borrowed holy magic. She created her own set of relics.

Relics were used to defeat extraterrestrials and maintain the balance in the dungeon.

Because of the heavenly knights. Creating civilization inside the terrifying dungeon of Zero became possible.

The knights are proud of their work and don’t question a single thing about their existence. But there are cases where, heaven, a knight suffers an intense headache. Flashes of memories they didn’t understand come flowing into their minds. They start opposing the goddess and take action without orders.

Defects like those are immediately labeled as defects. Heavenly knights are the perfect knights. Pseudo is immortal and stronger than a normal person. Imperfection is not an option for them. W

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