Chapter 137: Eden city Reconstruction

The long battle finally ended. Traces the battle was left. Eden city was fully erased from the map together with the nearby location. Memories of the people sacrificed in this fierce battle remain fresh in our memories.

The sky started to clear up and no more conflict was happening. For some unidentified reason, the neighboring country that attacked the city stopped its operations. It was weird from Dia’s perspective, but it's a great help for the continuous reconstruction of Eden City.

Using Dia and Alina’s magic, they fix the destroyed lands. Fixing the craters and giving new life to growing trees and moss on the ground. Their work took them three days. Only the surroundings were fixed. The resident of Eden city who evacuated at the first dungeon gate comes back to help rebuild the city. Building a nice cozy house made of wood.

Lastly, after building houses…

Ruti used magic to make flowers bloom.



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